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Good news for holders of UK, USA, Japan, Germany, France, Canada and Italy

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The return to 15d seems like an odd thing to do when tourism, and the economy generally, is down.

Not in Thailand. Tourism is steadily increasing every years, and economy has, maybe, grown less, but still growing.


Thailand is clearly in the position to do whatever they want on the subject, without being affected economically.

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30 days for holders of passports from UK, USA, Japan, Germany, France, Canada and Italy BANGKOK: -- Royal Thai Immigration Bureau has confirmed to Thaivisa.com that holders of passports of UK, USA,

That's positive, good news! Now, if they could just extend the 90 day visa check in to 6 months or a year so it wouldn't feel like a visit to your probation officer!

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I gave it effort to go through this topic(8) pages but haven't seen anything related to answering several questions.

I'm American my triple entry visa with all the extensions date to leave is May 10.

I usually to my boarder runs to Thakhek,Lao.

I plan on going there for my 30 day visa exempt and enter Thailand and fly back to the states June 8 .

Does this sound correct?

Is there a Thai visa exempt fee?

Has anybody done consecutive 30 day visa exempt boarder runs from Thailand to Thakhek trouble free?

I might ask more questions as I go

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I'm a Canadian who will be crossing into Thailand overland from Cambodia (Siem Reap) on the 26 or 27th of June. Lemonjelly's post about the leaflets and the reversion to the 15 day overland visa for the G7 countries has me concerned since I am planning to stay for 21 days. Are the G7 rule signs still up?

Has there been any further news about the switch back to 15 days? Or will I still get 30?

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I was at the two Ranong border offices on monday. They told me there are no problems with 30 day tourist entry visa and if i wanted i could get one. However i was just doing a border visa run with my non imm O.

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Is it 15 days or 30 days for UK passport holders as of now 2016?

I thought it was more good news for us Canadians but just someone posting on a very old topic.

It's still 30 days for UK passport holders

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It must have been hurting tourism giving only 15 days.

Evidently it seems broken logic to exclude the smaller wealthy countries from the 30 day deal though.

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It was a crazy attempt in my opinion to induce people to fly out and in versus doing a land crossing run or to make people have to do more land border runs every 15 days which would put a little more money in the land crossing visa companies. In the past I had done an occasional land crossing and I was there when the G7 rule came out putting the 15 day back to the previous 30 day. I made a land run to Cambodia, had lunch in the casino and went back to Thailand for another 30 days.

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