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S&p Branches Into Pizza Delivery In Joint Venture With Zanotti

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S&P branches into pizza delivery in joint venture with Zanotti

BANGKOK: -- Local restaurant chain operator S&P Syndicate Plc on April 29 announced that it had joined with Italian restaurant operator Zanotti (Thailand) to set up a pizza-delivery company, The Nation reports.

Called S&PizZanotti (Thailand) Ltd, the 50-50 joint venture hopes to generate annual sales of Bt90 million within three years.

The Italian pizza market currently accounts for only a bite-sized portion of the Bt3-billion total pizza market, which the two partners see as a good opportunity, said Pravesvudhi Raiva, S&P's president.

S&PizZanotti has already opened six outlets around Bangkok.

S&P brings 30 years of marketing experience, a marketing network and distributing network to the table, while Zanotti spices things up with its expertise in Italian food and will be responsible for the kitchen.

The company's menu boasts 10 pizzas. Prices are about the same as those at Pizza Hut and The Pizza Company: Bt220-Bt380 a pie. And like the big boys, they promise delivery within 30 minutes.

Consumers generally perceive pizza as unhealthy food. But PizZanotti's project manager, Kessiri Kukeatnun, said its Italian pizzas were different from mainstream pizzas.

They are lighter and contain less yeast.

The company plans to allocate 3 per cent of its expected sales this year for marketing, said Kessiri.

It targets sales of Bt25 million in the first year of operations and Bt70 million sales in the second year. It expects that 70 per cent of its sales will come from foreign customers.

The company will open up to 30 outlets nationwide in areas where a lot of foreigners live. Each branch requires Bt300,000 investment.

It hopes to receive 3,000-4,000 orders a month.

If the pizza-delivery business succeeds, the company may open an Italian restaurant chain.

--tmcnet.com 2006-05-03

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Anyone has a update ?

Just googled on S&P webside but nothing was mentioned about this.

Nice investment for just THB 300k.

Yeah got one delivered the other day - F***in orrible it was. Think Ill stick with Pizzamania's, Basilicos and the Operas...

Kessiri Kukeatnun, said its Italian pizzas were different from mainstream pizzas.

- Certainly are!! :o

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