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Small Chemical blending business for sale

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I am the owner and a founder of custom blend chemical business located in chiangmai. Our business began in 2004 with a few customer in northern region industrial estate.Until now our business grow and we have more customer located all over this country.Our business provides a high quality chemical as per customer formula (in many case we formulate a new chemical to serve our customer need) and has continuously grown for the last 9 years of operations. The company now has a workforce of 5 with a operational cash flow 200,000 USD annually working on 60,000 USD worth of machinery and assets (both lease and real estate). Our royalty and trusted customer is the international factory and we receive order in regular basis month after month.

All of the products are made in chiangmai by small blending facility and compact laboratory and send via the logistic network to markets nationwide. The exceptional quality of the products ensures customer referrals and a high rate of repeats.

Past 12 months sales turnover was in excess of 100,000 USD with small payroll and cheap rental (the overheads include payroll and the rent of less than 2,000 USD) .This is a rare opportunity to acquire a profitable business especially when Thailand is merge into AEC in 2015 because there are few of custom blend chemical business not only in thailand but in south east asia make this business have a rare competitive and have a big opportunity in this region with more than 600 million population in the next few year.

Even though the business have a good future but I believe that a younger, more entrepreneurial minded investor would be more suitable to hand the wheel and steer the company up to the right direction. So I want to stop and retire.

I,as the current owner, agree to advise the new investor for an agreed period of time(1 year). Although the business is listed for sale at assets value, complete financial details will be shown by owner to a genuine interested person.

ASKING PRICE for a full take-over: 400,000 USD

Asset /Inventory include in asking price

Patent formula/blending recipe for all product include in asking price

This business is relocate able

The technical and business Training will be fully provide

The right in company website include in asking price

Interest investor please send your proposal to my personnel e-mail ; chem._trainer@yahoo.com

And because business is still in administrative only short list investor will be receive contact from me.

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