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Special Needs in Chiang Mai

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Hi there

I am currently looking for teaching positions in the Chiang Mai area. however my experience is within special needs mainly Autism but i am finding it hard to find any resources or information online.

If anyone has any information on the area it would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

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rare to find a position and almost impossible for an English speaking position. Not many special needs kids will be multi lingual. But there might be room in a few EP programs for teachers that can handle all types of learners.

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Try ANY school. You will find kids with special needs in most classes! But special needs schools or specific classes few and far between.

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I am a licensed ABA Therapist currently working in an early intervention centre in Dubai, UAE. I have been working with kids with autism, ADHD and learning difficulties ages 1-7 yrs old. I have been in this field for 2 yrs and is looking forward helping kids with special needs. I am planning to move to Chiang Mai, Thailand this January 2020. If anything I can help with, let me know. 


Thank you.




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