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Thai Cabinet eyes new venues for meeting

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Cabinet eyes new venues for meeting

The Nation

BANGKOK: -- Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra yesterday instructed government offices to prepare contingency plans and fallback workplaces after anti-government protesters overran several ministries.

Yingluck told an urgent meeting of key government officials at Parliament that she would resolve the situation peacefully and cautiously, while all offices would have to prevent any damage to state property, any leakage of confidential information and back up on important records.

Offices have to continue operating at a temporary location because they are working for the people, she said. If they can't find another spot, the Finance Ministry can be contacted to help search for one.

She also pleaded for the protesters not to shut down government offices as that would inconvenience the public.

A source said the Foreign Ministry and Commerce Ministry compounds had been earmarked for Cabinet meetings in case protesters besieged Government House.

Besides, agencies under the PM's Office have already set up office elsewhere, while some have moved to new locations altogether.

"Government House was besieged before so we have to be prepared. The government's property, assets and personal belongings have already been removed and all locks have been changed," the source said.

-- The Nation 2013-11-28

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Can I suggest the 'Hilton' at Bang Kwang. The pleasant atmosphere might help to slow down some of the more outrageous corruption schemes.

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The bunker mentality has really kicked in now, eh? There is a strong whiff of adrenaline in the air, methinks.

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