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People and their Motorbikes in Thailand(images)


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Following the wonderfully entertaining thread of Ron19

People and their Pickups in Thailand (images)

Ron and me decided to create another one, same rules;

Anything out of the ordinary, but the ordinary is welcome as wellsmile.png. Mainly just for fun.

I'll start off with this motorbike with RR stickers on it...coffee1.gif carrying a designer Louix Vutton bag....coffee1.gif Quite the contrast....coffee1.gif

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Chiang Mai, midday... It's a few degrees cooler up there compared to the rest of the country. But still pretty hot.

This guy doesn't break a sweat..coffee1.gif . I guess he's been driving for awhile now and therefore the wind has evaporated his transpiration. I tried to highlight the tiny shiny spot on his forehead as a proof of that.

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clap2.gif Great spot, Ron.

I'll ask anyway.....facepalm.gif

Where's the logic in that??blink.png

I'll have to admit that the man standing half in the door is a nephew and the one on the motorbike is my younger stepson.We were in the process of transfering his belongings from his rented apartment in Samut Prakan to our house in Khlong Luang (Navanakon) where he now lives.Had no tie downs for the motorbike so he decide to sit on his moorbike (Chopper) and better him than me.

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