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People and their Motorbikes in Thailand(images)


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A young niece that we treat as if she is our own daughter. (I have known her mother since she was seven.) Last weekend her

parents arrived from Bangkok and gave her the motorbike you see here. MC not licensed, niece not licensed, no helmet and

she is only 9 years old. rolleyes.gif


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But where is the number plate? facepalm.gif


whistling.gifPfff we are in Thailand so on the left of course! But in in such a way its easier to read it from the front of the bike blink.png


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You would have no idea how many times a day I see exactly the same thing out the front of our place.facepalm.gif

It happened to me once elsewhere and he got the shits because I wouldn't move out of his way to let him pass on my left.

I just sat there and looked at him while shaking my head.

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