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People and their Motorbikes in Thailand(images)


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DAL ... I'm late into this thread.

Just liked the kid's seat on the bike ... I've never seen one before.

But I have run out of likes ... your action shot taken as pillion on the bike (1/30 sec) above is great ... thumbsup.gif

A 'high note' ... you know what that means!

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post-104736-0-92656000-1386137769_thumb. . . . . . . . . . . post-104736-0-41905800-1386137767_thumb.

After a kilometre of Farm dirt we get to the . . The beast ...

very narrow walkway built upon the local

canal. It drops both side about 2 metres

both sides to the klong.

Definitely a challenge after a few beers!


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I like a few of the bikes with some fancy paint work ...

There are a few more of that bike but they are all in high-res

Ah ... MissFarmGirl ... in the days when she looked like that ... wub.png

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