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Australian real estate agent, step-son killed in suspected arson attack in Ao Nang

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Australian real estate agent, step-son killed in suspected arson attack

Phuket Gazette


It took about 20 minutes for firefighters to control the blaze. Photo: Kritsada Mueanhawong

KRABI: -- Australian real estate agent Richard Port and his 17-year-old step-son were trapped and killed in a house fire that police suspect was intentionally started across the bay from Phuket early this morning, in Ao Nang.

“Nobody was able to leave the house as the fire block all the exits. We could hear a woman screaming for help through the front window,” said Krabi Town Police Deputy Superintendent Noppadol Mukda.

Firefighters immediately rescued Mr Port’s wife, Naruthai, by removing the window bars from the front window. She suffered from serious burns on 60 per cent of her body and was rushed to Krabi Hospital for treatment.

It took firefighters about 20 minutes to control the blaze at the Watchara Home housing estate.

“We went inside to inspect the house and found the burnt body of Mr Port face down by the bed,” said Lt Col Noppadol. “The body of Mrs Naruthai’s 17-year-old son, Worraphat Sukkaew, was found lying face down in the kitchen.”

At the back of the house, police found a 16kg cooking gas cylinder with the valve open and the rubber tube cut to allow a free flow of gas, Col Noppadol explained. Additionally, two motorbikes were found with seats lifted, gas lids removed and towels soaked with fuel dangling from the tanks.

“We were able to move the two bikes away from the house before they caught fire and exploded,” Col Noppadol said. “It’s very lucky that the motorbikes didn’t blow up.”

Based on the evidence, police believe that the killings were part of an arson attack.

One of Mr Port’s neighbors, Boonsir Ubon, 62, told police that she had received a call sometime after 2am from Mrs Naruthai asking for help.

“I immediately called police for her,” Mrs Boonsir said.

Mrs Boonsir also confirmed to police that the couple had been involved in Ao Nang real estate.

Police are waiting for Mrs Naruthai, who is in stable condition, to recover before questioning her about the incident.

-- Phuket Gazette 2013-11-30

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I hope they find the cowardly Thai scum that pull this shit and execute them.

How do you know they were Thai?

Did you pay someone to do it?

If you're trying to be funny, you failed badly.

Arson is a favorite tactic of Thai's, not heard of many instances of foreigners using it in all my time here.

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Recover? Burns on 60% of her body? Unlikely, I'd have an estimated medical guess she'll be dead soon unless it's a burn specialist hospital. If it's 3rd or 4th degree burns, she will certainly be toast. It depends on what degree the burns are, but >50% is tough for a good burn specialist to deal with, let alone a gov hospital.

truly horrible story, she was better off dieing.


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This forum is terrible for racism. Everyone is so critical and cynical of Thai people. If everyone else's country is so great, why are they living in Thailand?

Because no country is perfect.

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