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2 minutes ago, Old Croc said:

At the risk of being called a "nitpicker" I  note the previous post recommended that series.

Sorry, I did not nitpick all of the previous posts,maybe need new glasses,🙄

anyway it's that good it needs a second post,

What about Animal Kingdom, new series out now,maybe someone already


regards Worgeordie

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Breaking Bad

Narcos Mexico is out and as good as the original 

I do like a girl I uniform 😯  

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6 hours ago, schlog said:

Gomorra is back with season 4.

Jumped the shark beginning with episode 3. From then on a completely different show and total disaster.


A fraction of the budget.

Plot points make zero sense, characters do things they never would do because the writers are now hacks and/or it feels like 30 minutes was the time allotted to write an episode.

The writers realized this - One episode featured Patrizia's henchman doing something that made no sense in any universe, and several times to try to explain it the henchman's friend was asking him "Why are we doing this?" or "We shouldn't be doing this" and he would give a non explanation which still made no sense.


Some of it may have to do with the departure of Stefano Sollima, who directed most of the first season and was on board as a "Creative Consultant" or some similar title until now.

But the budget cutback was massive - most scenes are static with slow line delivery between 2 characters, followed by a minute of music over/no dialogue scenic shots killing time until the next static scene.

Much less locations and extras, with dreadful writing added.


If season 4 was the first season, would anyone have an interest in seeing season 5?

It was the memory of the first 3 seasons, and hope, that kept me wasting my time watching the 4th season.

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Enjoyed (should I have?) Chernobyl, currently doing The Blacklist and Spader is on form again.


Just heard about The Cold Blue about the 8th AIr Force and am downloading it.


Danger Close- The Battle of Long Tan is due for release in August.

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