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Accomadation Surin city

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Any advice help etc.

Looking for a reasonable sized room apartment or prap's a 1 bed apartment Surin city Late January early February time not too expensive upper limit around 6500 baht a month + bills, want internet don't mind town outskirts if transport available.

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Stay at the martina hotel for sure when you arrive. At 500 baht per night its the best place Ive stayed in for ages. Use it as a base to find something else. Or you might just find yourself staying a month or so. reviews are on trip adviser dot com

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Morning All, I'll be dropping in to Surin either April or May depending on vacation days, I don't mind if the Hotel.Motel is old just clean and WiFi and decent chow to be had. Going to be coming to meet her folks and start it slowlywub.png . A bathtub or decent shower would be a plus.. thanks in advance gents.. cowboy.gif.pagespeed.ce.OqunRvp1aP.png

Paul in Sar Hawza Afghanistan

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