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Hash House Harriers

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if you want to sit there and let a person post on a world wide web site that you are extremely mean, utmost detestable, on the edge of a sadistic roll after having only2 hours personal contact with the person in your life good luck to you.

for me my life long principles will not allow me to let a person post such slurs and were i come from our natural instinct his to give as good has you take.

all my life i have dealt with the public and have lost count of the jeckal and hyde people that i have come across.

limbo has now been in touch with me and has far has i am concerned the matter is now closed

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Not having read the offending sentence,that has since been removed, It is not possible for me to comment on Soap`s reply. Justified as it may or may not be.

I know both Soap and Limbo, for my sins, and both are as nice and charming people as you would ever perchance to meet.

Having been invited along to many HHH events, I have yet to pluck up the courage to show my face there.

I must say that Limbo`s account of the events had me in stitches. But I knew he was relaying his recollection of the days events in the form of a caricature.

As I said I don`t know what personal slur our dear moderator tossed at Soap. I hope he didn`t mean it because I`ve never heard anyone in my 7-8 years in Chiang Rai say a bad word about him. The opposite actually.

Anyway, hopefully A couple of peacemaking beers will mellow things down and all friends again.


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I think the whole thing is a big joke, personally i had a few experiences on the WWW the thing is that without sound and a face to look at, it is difficult to read what somebody really means.

Knowing Limbo personaly, i had a big laugh about his posting (also the removed sentence)

In holland we have a word for this (galgenhumor), i cant translate it to English, but i can only say, not a word Limbo said was meant serious, and defenitly not to hurt someones feelings.

I am happy to inform you that this afternoon Soap and I very peacefully enjoyed a non-alcoholic refreshment together (coffee actually). In Dutch we would say: Everything is 'cake and egg' again.

Sorry for the consternation.


Edited by Limbo
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i have just had a coffee with one of the nicest people i would wish to meet limbo, and yes when you get to know the guy you cannot say anything bad about him because their his no malice or badness in him.

but how the slanging match arose is because i did not know him,i spoke to him for a short time over 6 months ago, i wanted him to come to the hash to have a drink and a bite to eat off me,but for some unknown reason i did not get the chance to speak to him.

so when i read the last paragragh i was gobsmacked,i said to myself "what have i done to the guy to deserve the slur on my character, of course i now know he meant no harm.

the bottom line is you tend to form an opinion of a person without without ever knowing or seeing them on these forums.

i know now that i will be friends with limbo/john for many years to come because our natures are both the same.

limbo if possible can you please erase my reply to your first post

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limbo if possible can you please erase my reply to your first post

Please dear Soap, don't break my heart!

You ask me to delete a piece of the finest prose that ever appeared in this columns.

Wouldn't it be the rudest form of cultural barbarism ever shown on this forum?

The remains of my principles would fall together as a house of cards, my soul would be torn apart.

Can we please come to the compromise that I only delete the sentence you wrote in capitals?

And I solemnly swear never to write down words straight from the dictionnary anymore without fully understanding their meaning and connotation.

Limbo, ashes on his head :o

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OK guys, back to the Hash!

It was a very good Hash, one of these Hashes that we all will remember.

We were almost 30 people there and when it started it was raining. And that is good! It is not hot and after a while you don't care if you put your foot in deep water. Just ON, ON!

There was a group of these young guys that was in the front and they did a good job to find the trail at the crossings. But as always when Virgin Bluce is involved, there is a crossing with only lose ends.

We had to backtrack about 2 km to find where the track was restarted.

But after that, no problems. We came back to the starting point were Pat and his wife had put up a fantastic meal and there were lots of COLD beer there too.

And Limbo, poor little thing could not drink other than Coke on the Rocks.... Khao Panzaa!!!

Well he was not alone..... (only 43 more days!!!)

After the meal there were some guys that had to sit on ice. Why I don't know but that is part of the tradition.

And the After Hash lasted a long time, probably because Pat had sponsored this Hash with a lot of his private beer!

Many thanks to Pat and his wife for making this Hash to one of the best!!!

And Virgin Bluce, please try to find the rules about how a Crossing should be!!! Please!!!

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Tomorrow (at least if you read this posting today) September 16 is the third Saturday of the month and as usual the local hero's of the HHH will bare their beautiful knobby knees again.

At 4 pm run number 35 will commence.

A part of this remarcable community will immediatly start to run as if they were blind horses, not really knowing which direction to take, but run they will (that's the way they are and even are supposed to be: they go under the name Front Running Bastards!).

Then there is this group of calm, composed, elderly young man and women who taught by the lessons of life know that there absolutely is no reason to hurry as the fine food and the (non-) alcoholic refreshments still will be there, even if they arrive a little bit later.

Tomorrows run will take place in the beautiful scenery of the surroundings of Ban Nang Lae.

The runsite is near Nanglaenai waterfall. He are the directions to the starting point.

Travel north on Asian Highway (number 1 towards Mae Chan) and look for Kilometer Stone 842 (which is about 3-4 km south of Mae Fah Luang University). About 100-200 meters past (north of) km stone 842, look for a large cement pineapple and an HHH sign. Turn left down that cement road and follow the HHH and Nanglaenai signs to the run site which is about 6km along that road. There are a few villages so you will have to drive slowly. Expect it to take about 15 minutes from the highway to run site. We will be parking at the side of the road at the run site.

Plan on a 45 minute drive total from the Big C in town.

On! On!

To give you an impression about the compilation of this honourable society I present hereby an extract from the report on the last run, to be more specific run number 34:

Hares: Shocking assisted by G.M. Wirgin Bluce and Well Oiled

Twenty-seven people showed up, the most ever seen at a S2ATO gathering excepting the inaugural and anniversary runs. Ten were virgins. There were seventeen males all farangs or half Thais. Two thirds of the women were Thai and the balance Chinese and farang. The youngest were Jozef and Steve’s sons aged seven and nine. Limbo stood out in sartorial splendor. Attired in slacks, button-down long sleeved shirt and equipped with an umbrella, he attracted much comment. The only thing missing was a neck-tie.

And, of course, some pictures:


Dear Soap, I can't participate tomorrow, but I hope to be able to show up at the finish to have a look how you drink your China beer (Khao Panzaa) :o

Limbo [/color] :D

Edited by Limbo
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limbo /john

i shall be there tomorrow if you can make it even for the choc dee at the end please do, if not i would like a coffee with you before i get of for my last annual stint before i call it a day in the land of plenty.

be in touch


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OK folks, now it is time again!!

If you been with HHH before you know what it is and you will be there.

Have you not experienced HHH, Hash House Harriers, then it is time to come to see what it is all about.

In short, we meet, we have a run/jog/walk on a track that sometimes goes through very fantastic nature and sometimes through fantastic nature. Time between 30 and 60 minutes.

After that we sit down with some snacks, sometimes a small meal but always refreshing drinks. Coke, Soda, Fanta you name it and BEER. Icecold BEER!

For people that only drink soft drinks the charge is 50 bath and for the others it is 150 bath! Cannot go wrong.

This months announcement from Virgin Bluce:

Calling all hashers

Our Chiangrai S2ATO (Start Slowly and Taper Off) Hash will hold its 35th "run" on Saturday October 21 beginning at 4 pm.

The hare is Do It Yourself ably assisted by Do It Better. The location is Do It Yourself's house in Ban Mai Cha Rouen.

To get there take the highway #1020 towards Thoeng. About 300 meters past kilometer stone 12 from

Chiangrai, turn into a concrete road to the left and follow the HHH signs. It is about 200 meters from the main road. Plan on twenty minutes' travel from the Big C.

Do It Better is preparing some food for the occasion so please let her know if you are coming. All are welcome along with guests provided they know how many to prepare for. Please respond to [email protected] to let her know if you are coming.

On! On!

G.M. Wirgin Bluce

Everyone Welcome!!

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Hash House Harriers

The Chiangrai “Start slowly and taper off “ Hash

Founded 15 November 2003

Report of Run #36: Saturday October 21, 2006

Location: Baan Mai Jalern (near the 12 km stone on the road to Thoerng)

Hares: Do It Yourself assisted by Do It Better

Twenty-two people showed up for the run including Paddy Boy’s daughter Sasha and Oiled Well’s nephews Ink and Aum, all three around nine years old. There were four virgins Jeff, Allan and Tricia who are new residents in Chiangrai plus Lennart, a friend of Do It Yourself who had so far managed to escape our net. Visitors included Bullet Rash and Limpid from Phuket, and One Loose and Blitzen from Christchurch, NZ who are enroute to the Interhash.

The run began in front of the Do It’s house. It soon cut back sharply on the other side of a hedge so that any hasher willing to get his shoes muddy could effortlessly place himself up with the leaders. Then one discovered a check, the quality of which the S2ATO club had never seen before. Within a perfect circle of manioc powder Do It Yourself placed four blobs of shredded paper joined by crossed sticks. This new art form symbolized end of trail to be resumed somewhere within a 100 yard radius. Do It Yourself’s creative powers did not limit itself to conventional trails. Once the obvious alternatives had exhausted themselves hashers had to spread themselves out in orchards to search for shreds of paper which our frugal hares hid in long grasses. Eventually an observant person came across a HHH traffic direction sign partially covered with paper saying “Cold Beer.” That was Do It Yourself’s motivational way of saying “On In.”

The FRBs missed the sign and they were well on their way around the course a second time when they recognized their mistake. First In were Barefoot Bob, Limpid and One Loose. Nam Ron came with his puppy who he used as a pretext to explain his slow performance. Actually he and Wirgin Bluce competed in the Doi Tung bicycle race that morning. Last in were Paddy Boy, Stiffy and Sasha. They had been so busy talking on the way out to the site that they missed the HHH signs and got lost. Thus they began their run as the FRB’s arrived on the home stretch. The Do It’s dog followed the late comers half way around the course then disappeared. His fate was still unknown when the gang eventually dispersed. He was the only known casualty this time.

The circle was more active than usual thanks to the visitors who knew the songs and especially Paddy Boy’s booming baritone voice. It was followed by a fine buffet of Thai and Swedish dishes hosted by the Do Its and their friends virgins Lennart and Pin.

Notes by G.M. Wirgin Bluce

post-29230-1161773885_thumb.jpg post-29230-1161773908_thumb.jpg post-29230-1161773929_thumb.jpg

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Hi all Chiangrai hashers

Please note big changes in our upcoming run. Instead of the third Saturday of the month we are switching to the fourth Saturday ie Nov. 25. Also instead of starting as usual at 4 pm we are beginning at 12 noon. This is to accommodate Stiffy and his guests who are coming from all over to attend Stiffy's wedding at the Dusit Island hotel the same day. Stiffy and his pal Paddy Boy organized our two previous anniversary runs and hosted us at Paddy Boy's farm behind Mae Fah Luang university several times in the past.

Saturday's run will be a special challenge for the runners as it is an A to B and there are many opportunities for false trails. It would be waste to set such a trail for the Chiangrai group which on a typical day has only a couple of serious runners. However Stiffy counts some real runners among the gang coming for the wedding so it should be a lot of fun. The rest of us walkers will have lots of opportunities to catch up with the leaders of the pack.

To get to the run site, take the highway 1020 towards Thoerng. About 4 km out of Chiangrai you cross the Mae Laow River bridge then make a U-turn at the first opportunity. Returning towards Chiangrai make a left turn just before the windmill at the bank of the river (HHH sign) then proceed down the soi about 200 meters and park along the road at the HHH sign. It will take about 20 minutes from the Big C.

Those needing transport should go to the Dusit Island hotel where we will have vehicles to transport the wedding guests and others to the run site. It would help us enormously in organizing this run if everyone intending to come would send me an email at [email protected] confirming that and whether one also needs transport from town.

In addition Stiffy is organizing an evening run on the previous night ie Friday and a run out at Paddy Boy's farm on Sunday. Buses will leave the Dusit Island at 1 pm to go to the farm on Sunday. For more information on these activities you can write him directly at [email protected]

On! On!

G.M. Wirgin Bluce

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Hi all

Here is an update on the information I sent you yesterday concerning the hash weekend.

On the Friday night Stiffy is organizing a night-time hash to begin at the Dusit Island at 7 pm ending at the Chainam restaurant on the south bank of the Kok River east of the main bridge. There will probably be a beer stop somewhere along the way. All are welcome to join the fun including those who can't find their way to the Dusit but can make it to the Chainam.

I neglected to say that those needing transport to the Saturday run should gather at the Dusit Island Hotel for registration at 11 am. The buses will take off from there at 11:15 to go to the run site. We would appreciate anyone with vehicles also meeting there to help ferry other hashers out to the site.

On Sunday, the meeting point is the Dusit Island hotel. Buses and personal vehicles will leave for Paddy Boy's farm at 1 pm. The run will start around 2 and the party will go on into the night. Again all are welcome.

On! On!

G.M. Wirgin Bluce

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I didnt know you couldt write with a key board Cris, i gues your wife must help you more then you admit.

Everything okay in Chiang Sean? :o

Your posting might not be understood for the simple reason, that I deleted Chris' posting as it was completely off-topic and unpleasant ("you are all a bunch of loosers etc.").

It's a pity that his first posting in the Chiang Rai forum should be of this caliber.

I sent him a PM and asked him to share his Chiang Saen experiences with us.

I hope he does.


Edited by Limbo
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