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What Happens to The Ashes After a Buddhist Funneral ?

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whistling.gif In my Thai wife's case her two parents had specified different methods of disposing of their ashes.

Her Mother's ashes were placed in a small urn, and my wife keeps them in the Buddhist alter in our house.

She lights incense and place it before the alter every day in memory of Mother.

As mentioned by another poster,

Her father requested that his ashes be taken down the river to the sea and were scattered there.

There are boats in Bangkok who make that trip daily..... My wife's family made that trip and scattered his ashes with some flowers also about a month after his cremation.

Also as another poster said.

He had 3 wives and several children (mostly girls) by his 3 wives ..... so I guess that was how he avoided arguments about who would keep the ashes.

Once the cremation is over the final disposition is up to the family .... it's their choice.

Apparently there are different customs and "proper methods" to follow depending on the area of Thailand lived in.

Often the urn with the ashes is kept for a period in the Wat temporarily for a specified period of days before it is finally disposed of with another ceremony and chanting also.

As I understand, there are certain "auspicious days" to scatter the ashes, and this is decided by a senior monk and suggested to the family.

At least that is what I have learned form my experiences .... my wife is now 64 years old.... and her relatives about the same age or older..... so the family has gone through a number of funerals in the last 2 years.

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My new Thai wife's family is from Nakhon Sawan. Her parents are both deceased now many years BUT just before SONGKRAN this year her sister [who lives just next door] came to collect PAPA ???

I thought this very strange as he had been deceased a long time ???

But no ... my wife went into the house and came back with PAPA in a nice brass funeral URN !!! Her sister then went next door and returned with a similar URN [from her house] with MAMA inside ... and they were then taken to the temple on the auspicious day.

Khop Khun Krup ... Kuhn Brian AUSTRALIA ...

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In Thailand, as in other countries, you can specify in your Will what you want regarding the disposal of your remains. I suspect very few Thais do that, though, as the family will take care of it.

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It is depended on the decadent and family's wishes. For example, when my grandma passed away, children decided to take her ash to the Moon river where she lived close by and sprinkled the majority of it in the river, and the rest of it her children took it and kept it in their home. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect Thailand

"The decadent"? Not all the deceased are decadent, some have led blameless lives, even in Pattaya, so they tell me.

I think he meant descendants ...

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