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Mobile Congestion Chaos In Thailand

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It certainy explains why I cannot reach my wife's mobile from overseas.

I expect she will be worrying that something has happened to me................... :o

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i dont do many logs on thaivisa.com , this but read many , however i feel obliged to speak here.

i used to work for the major telecom company in the UK

what happens is all OLO (Other licenced operators) have links within themselves thro to each other using buildings and networks rented off of each other ( a real mess)

each of these companies have switches separate from the mobile base sites but all interconnected from base sites to switch to land lines and international routes etc over many many patterns.

if a reputable company such as the one i used to work monitors alarms you will find hunderes of these ´LINKS¨are noisy, erroring and give one way transmission etc etc .

these need to be faulted - faulty cards, optic cards, codecs, line cards, erroring transmission paths etc etc

these channels are normally set to autobusy and flag alarms ´too many and you have congestion.

noise causes errors, not normally service affecting as the signalling is another path but at least you can speak, or again one way transmission.

what happened between some of these OLO companies, some had good at proactive maintenance and some relied on faults to be reported. major difference in performance.

what resulted, was say, BT, being blamed for noise, cut offs, one way transmission etc, to say telewest, C&W etc but the fault as previously stated here gets bounced. no one takes responsibilty.

what you end up with is what ever is faulty ' crap ´2/34 meg links etc ´never get sorted and you are left with a mess to try and get a connection

those that look after the network have no problems.

when i read these logs, there is nothing evident as to what the problem is and many faults can be nothing to do with this network congestion.

i know DTAC has been one way transmission faults for a long time, even within thailand from mobile BSE to landline or international.

DTAC to AIS is also dodgy.

base station BSE congestion could be an issue but you should get some indication of this and the over flow monitoring should flag this

it could be just one faulty link with say 31 channels that are affected, but we access them .

someone needs to report the faults and say what numbers dialed from where so they can reproduce a trace etc.

just complaining about scenarios is not going to fix the problem.

i guess DTAC and AIS need to look at the traffic flow on their routes, how many are autobusied out etc etc .

ORANGE being european i guess will work the similart practice as the UK and France and therefore less problems.

make a list of what calls fail. and when to what numbers etc

call your service provider and report the fault ' get a reference.

they need to act.

we did in the UK..all companies had to work together. 24 hours.

best of luck


Sand, what the h__l language are you trying to speak here

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I'm on AIS. Two days ago in the evening I also started having problems that 90% of my sms messages did not get through. Deffered, and finally failed.

I called helpdesk two times and sure there was nothing wrong of course they said. It must me my phone!! I've been using it for 3 years now with the same settings. "I will give you the correct number xxx.xxx.xx" ..Me..."That's the one I've got!!". "Just reset and check again sir".

I called again, had another smarty on the phone said the same thing... oh it's not them. but they will call me back.

Never heard from them again. Around 2am messages finally started to get delivered again.

The only thing I hate even more then their technical incompetence is their helpdesk (or managers telling the helpdesk) to fool customers as there is nothing wrong with the service the company provide.... YOU, THE CUSTOMER MUST BE THE FOOL!. Why bother us?

The only thing that keeps me shackled to AIS is the number, but a few more of these shenanighans and they can expect an even bigger nosedive in profits. Ignorant B**tar*s.

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Bastards they are at AIS Customer "Service". Clueless also.

I'm on AIS postpaid (Serenade Gold customer) and my wife on Dtac postpaid. She has/had less problems then I do with calls.

I did have both AIS and Dtac give me back 30-40% of our monthlies for 3 months last year, but the problem has worsened. When do we get number portability in Thailand ? Or when will AIS invest OUR money into the network upgrades needed ? I could of course email Temasak/SingTel about this and make them responsible...

On top of this I found out that sending email from my smartphone (Palm Treo 600) routes 90% of the time through a AIS mail server ( that is blacklisted as spam server, so many mails do not arrive at it's destinantion because of this ! When I roam in SGP, HKG, KL, SHA or SYD I never have this problem... when I sent the callcenter an email with questions (and proof) about this problem I got an automated response mentioning they would answer "the valued customer within 24 hours". That's 4 emails and 10 days ago...

They are clueless....except when it comes to counting the money !

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As far as we saw,many things on Thailand dont work well...We,as farangs have many bad consequences about Thai way...Many...Are we able to protect ourselves in any other way then just to standing as we doing?Do we have a way to protect ourselves?I am wondering why we don't have some kind of asociation,with Thai lawyers,as way we help to each other when we have troubles because we are different cultures ot way of life so we dont know Thai customs well and that is most common reason we have a problems?There we could have some kind of advicers for to stay and living on Thailand...Any sugestion about this?


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Whew! What a relief. And here I was thinking my girlfriend in Phuket just changed her cel # on me!!! :o I've been trying to call her from NYC for nearly a week and haven't heard from her either!
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This is fun for you and i am glad it is but this is more serious problem and the real one...as i see that happened to me and i thought it is some her trick,again...now we both know what was the reason...hehe...Milos

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In a year from now people are gonna be like "GSM What?" This antiquated technology is maxed out at 2.5G.

Guys that work for Hutch know the skinny.

CDMA is the future. Sadly the Finns & The Swedish are gonna hold onto GSM for as long as possible.

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DTAC has been acting funny for me lately, sometimes when my girlfriend calls, its her voive, but a different number shows up on the screen..like the lines are being crossed...

this also has me wondering if, by any chance the same thing is happening to my own number....eg; someone makes a call , but it goes through on my line, and i end up having to pay for it...

i got the DTAC 'work' promotion @ 2.5 baht per minute for the first 3 minutes, then free for the remaining hour(57 minutes)...but it is proving to be only marginally cheaper than my old AIS number...and my usage is the same...

for any DTAC users, a bit of advice, there is a cap on the baht amount you can make if using their promotions

(in thai= woang nguen chai bureegan)...but what they fail to tell you is, your 'cap' amount is automatically raised by predetermined criteria...

my cap was previously 800 baht, but went up to 1500 baht without my authorization....i was informed by their customer service( a slip of the tongue by her) that in order to avoid the automatic raising of your limit you must tell them to 'cease' the automated protocol...

you can only lower the limit after you have paid your current bill.

for some this may be a inconvenience;having their service cut off abruptly, but this cap protects you from people grabbling your frequency and using it...you keep your losses to a minimum...

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VoIP is the best options for future communication technologies, great saving on IDD calls & making a business out of it. Save on phone bills & make money as distributors. Visual excess anywhere with hi-speed broadband connection without using computer. Email me for details.

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VoIP is the best options for future communication technologies, great saving on IDD calls & making a business out of it. Save on phone bills & make money as distributors. Connect & call from anywhere with hi-speed broadband connection without computer.

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I use my phone almost exclusively for business purposes--and as little as possible. I am not much for talking on the phone. This has been helpful because I was having trouble connecting, mostly in the early evenings and also having problems with disconnects. I thought my phone was going bad!!

I'll try to rearrange my phoning to times that are less congested.

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