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Stricter requirements, new application forms for ED visa extensions

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You just say that you are supporting yourself. Then if they want proof show some form of proof that you have funds coming into the country from abroad. The best proof would be a Thai bank book showing transfers in.

This is going to really hurt a lot of English Teachers that have been using the ED visa while they teach.

The only income they have is teaching but they are not going to be able to show it.

This is also going to mean more work for Embassies as they are going to have to verify the income much like they do for us younger folk.

Should be interesting to see how this works out.

I agree though with all the abuse it is about time they did something to resolve the abuse.

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I've heard this was coming. Here's a real beauty. I'm a Buddhist monk. In the past, I was given a "R" visa for religious study's. Now they are giving foreign monks, yep, you got it, a "ED" visa.. and asking us for proof of income.. we're monks, we don't have an income.. WTH. blink.png

I missed that they are now giving monks an ED visa. Interesting.

But I think/hope that for monks they will make exeptions and you instead show proof from the abot thay you will stay at the temple and live as a monk.

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Correct!!! The rule benders always ruin it for the people that do it the correct way.
So now.... you cannot even work part time? What about Foreign exchange students?
I actually want to get a ED visa but it looks like I am tooooooo late.

I speak Thai but I will need more than my GF to help teach me how to read it.
Though, Language schools are also good for Japanese and Chinese .....sometimes.

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Proof of income? Aren't they studying, and not working?

Income from outside Thailand is what they want to see.

Correct. How can you study whatever in a foreign country and not have sufficient funds in which to live in that country. The income therefore needs to originate from outside Thailand.

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