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Swedish businessman accuses Chiang Mai karaoke parlour of rip-off

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Swede accuses karaoke parlour of rip-off
The Nation

CHIANG MAI: -- A Swedish businessman lodged a complaint against a Chiang Mai karaoke parlour for alleged overcharging yesterday.

He said he ordered just five small bottles of beer and sang some songs with female staff for a few hours but ended up being charged over Bt50,000.

The 49-year-old foreigner said more than 10 men surrounded him when he offered Bt3,000 to clear the bill at 5am. He was held against his will for two hours during which the staff used his credit card to withdraw cash.

"I returned to my hotel and then consulted my friends. They advised me to go to the police," the Swede said at the Muang Chiang Mai Police Station.

Police say they are investigating the case.

-- The Nation 2013-12-30

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Fighting the good fight!

The guy is clearly out of his element and probably a newbie. It's really good to see him take this to the authorities. I hope the bastard wins, but he most likely won't get his money as the police probably already have a stake in the place.

That there are those karaoke bars here in BKK, I know, but did not think they have them in Chiang Mai.

The police will collect some percentage of that money, and the case resolved.

It is how it works here...

I'm sure he will be more careful the next time.

What a night he could have had for 50,000 Baht !!

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It is not fair at all, these criminals are using karaoke to steal money from tourists. It happens all the time, it happened also to my son and his friends 2 years ago, also in Chiang mai. They were kept hostage the whole night and i had to bail them out in the morning.

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Sadly the Swede probably didn't realise he had to pay for the female company and their drinks too.

He sang some songs "with female staff" and then he left at 5am ... how many female staff and what did they drink? Then he consulted with his friends.....who were, doubtless, experts on Thai nightlife.

ThB 50,000 in one night ... now there's a night to remember. I wonder whether there were other customers who could verify his story......at those prices I suspect not.

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Stay completely out of those places unless you have ten big Swedish friends with you.

I'd like to see ten of those tiny shit punks try that on me in the US.

Even ten big Swedes wouldn't have been enough.

He was up against the entertainment mafia in cahoots with the cops.

Push them too far and you'll end up a "suicide".

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