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Well I went to Siam TV and had a look at what they had. There is a larger range of models than I had previously thought.

1. Lucky Flame. Don't stock the oven and won't get it in without a definite order. Only stock the gas burners.

2. Whirlpool. 3 burner range with warming drawer. 7000B

3. Whirlpool. 4 burner range, warming drawer and oven light. 8000B

4. Sanyo. 3 burner range no warming drawer. 5500B

5. Sanyo. 3 burner range, no warming drawer. Oven with both top and bottom gas burners. The top burner looks like it could be used for grilling and browning. 6600B

6. Mirage. 3 burner range, thermostat controlled oven. Nice tight fitting door. 7000B

Also a 3 burner range + 3500W electric oven for about 11,000B. I forget the brand name.

Out of the gas ovens available. I am leaning toward either the Sanyo with 2 oven burners for its grill function or the Mirage for its thermostat and tightly closing door. All units look very similar and probably come out of the same factory. None of the range burners on these look as good as the separate Lucky Flame 2 burner we have already so perhaps I'll keep that in use too.

we got a Whirlpool with top grilling burners in the oven (with oven light and warming drawer - good for storage of pots, etc) and I could never get them to operate properly. There was even a bizarre hand operated rotisserie arrangement provided. Everything works OK just using the bottom oven burners for straight roasting/baking.

In thailand beware ovens with thermostatic temperature control...and little in the way of customer support. The control equipment is the first to get buggered and replacement parts, like everywhere are hard to find. When found and fitted you may be looking at the price of a new stove plus all the associated aggravation. I'd say 'keep it simple...'

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I've had two of them now. I've got the one woth the top burner in the oven as well that you can use for a grill. I've never had any problems getting ours hot enough. Most regulators on the gas bottles can be adjusted to give more or less gass.

As has been said be careful if you have kids as the do get very hot

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