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A good and Reasonably priced hotel in Ubon city centre

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The Rathchathani in the middle of the city. Always clean and quiet.

My vote for the last 7-8 visits to Ubon! Great location, especially close to city park where there are many excellent night food vendors. Airport transfers available, and a reasonably good restaurant on the lobby level. Rooms are humble, but clean.



Agreed. I first stayed there in November 1974. Humble yes, but clean and quiet. Lots of changes since but the location is superb. Back in the 1970s the restaurant had great band. That is where I first heard the Bee Gees hit "Too Much heaven" in 1978. Needless to say, the trousers were tight and cuffs very wide!

However, there are other hotels around the city but as the OP wanted a reasonable priced hotel in the city centre, I recomend The Ratchathani. Other hotels are further out.

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When I recommended the The Ratchathani I wasn’t thinking about night life at all but rather its location for a visitor to the city and being to walk to many places.

One can walk to Tung Sri Muang. Always pleasant in the evenings or early morning. There is the excellent small museum 100 m away and several well-kept temples on either side of the park.

At night the walking street market which starts outside the hotel may be of interest. 100 m away is the Ubon hotel and on the 9th floor is an old-fashion nightclub where one can dance and listen to pleasant music. I think there is also a club in the Srikamong hotel just up the street.

Breakfast at the The Ratchathani is not the best. I recommend to skip that and walk down the street 50 m to an old wooden restaurant where one can have ham and eggs, toast, coffee and lots of other food. At night the Full Moon restaurant on the Mun River offers seafood and a small band plays music. The Ratchathani does offer good lunches and dinners.

The Sri Esarn is another option for a cheap but clean hotel. Its restaurant is good for Thai-Chinese food. With the “doing up” of the river bank this area has become more attractive.

On one last note. The Nevada hotel has closed its doors. Family dispute. It was never well run anyway. I wonder what will happen to it now?

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Yes I like the ambience of that old wooden Chinese shop house. It's just a pity that the old Chinese lady seems to scowl at falang - or at least she seems to scowl at mefacepalm.gif. You probably charmed her long ago though!

Must check out the old fashioned night club in the Ubon hotel. Agree with you about the riverfront being an up and coming (back) area. It's a pity really that the entertainment venues seem to have positioned themselves in the middle and northern areas of town - those areas have very little to recommend for themselves aesthetically; it would be nice if the old downtown started to get some of the buzz, it must once have had, back.

Yes I've stayed in the Sri Isaan maybe 3 years ago. It was good value (about 450 baht then as I remember).

Strange that about the Nevada. Was in town yesterday checking out Hash House Harrier runs and I noticed a big billboard sign on the northwest corner of Thung Si Meuang advertising revamped rooms at the Nevada for 450 baht a night; I made a mental note to put them on the try-out list. Just another hotel where the cash-stripping lack of care & maintenance finally comes home to roost I would guess. Even the T3 House, which seems to be flavour of the month new item in Ubon value hotels at the moment, had a bathroom last weekend that had clearly had no attention, as in redecoration after an obvious leak, and no cleaning (lots of those hanging larvae). Hoteliers in Thailand just don't get it, do they?

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