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Will be in Pattaya the 1st week in June, and would like to know the best time to Play, Early Morning or Late in the afternoon, which time will it be the coolest to play. "I Know it's Hot, But Im coming from the Middle East so Im use to the heat.

When does the sun rise and the sun set.

Thanks.... :o:D:D

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It's definitely coolest in the morning... and it's not so much the heat, but the humidity which you should consider.

As there will still be a little rain around in June, as the sun dries out the fairways the humidity increases dramatically, so playing in the afternoon can be a bit uncomfortable.

Take a couple of spare towells and gloves with you, as you will be constantly mopping yourself down and your glove will become wet with perspiration.

Temperatures range from about 26 DegC min to 34 DegC max, and sunlight hours in June are about 4.5 hours per day, with about 12 days in the month when we experience some rain. Mean relative humidity is about 81%. Wind speed average is about 11 km/hr from the southwest.

The sun rises at approx 6:30am and sets at 6:30pm.

Hope this helps.


/Edit - I forgot to add that playing in the morning also provides an added advantage of being able to spend a bit more time at the 19th... :o

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