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Perhaps we could help and advise our fellow C-M'ers by giving some info about where we do our shopping, have vehicles fixed etc. Can save a lot of heartache for newly arrived expats, & others, if they have this info available when they get here..

To start off, I'll put a little bit on record.

Farang foodstuffs: the two Rimping Supermarkets, one beside the Novotel on Chotana, the other, smaller branch just off the CM-Lampoon road near the Iron Bridge.

Farang foodstuffs 2. The two Kasem stores: 1 in Niemenhaimen Rd, the other just off Chang Moi Rd opposite the little contra flow street.

Motorcycle Repair & Rental: Tom & Jo at Goodwill Motorcycles & Jo's Bike. On the little Soi next to the Thai Military bank on Chang Moi Rd.

Car Servicing & Repairs: VP Auto. Facing South at the Airport Junction you need to turn left towards Big C & the Superhighway. Take the second Soi on the left, after about ½ KM. They are on the left on the first right hand bend. (You need to speak Thai.)

DVD Sales & Rental: Neo entertainment Gallery, top floor of Airport Plaza near to Lanna Hall.

Computer Sales & Repair: Micro Genesis Computer on Niemenhaimen Soi 13 (I think, it is signposted at each end.) Not the cheapest, but the best after sales service of all.

Dentristy, Dentaland in the same Soi as Micro Genesis above. Good for adults but Dr Nik is the best Paediactric Dental Surgeon I have ever met. My kids actually get excited when they know they are going to see him. (Not cheap though.)

Business Hotel, for foreign clients etc. Rydges Thapae is excellent, especially if your clients have need of a good business center. Rydges probably has the best in CM & their high speed Internet & wireless networking is second to none.

I'll post more when I have time.

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