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Where can I get good Chinese food? How come Chinese food in Thailand is not good as other countries?

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Tai <deleted> Ting Ramkamhaeng 14.


See the pictures here.


It's not for people looking for western style Chinese food.

This same outfit opened a restaurant in Pattaya, originally the same name, now named Shanghai Restaurant so maybe a new owner (on 3rd road fairly close to North Pattaya Road), with many of the EXACT same menu dishes, including their famous hand pulled noodles.

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You know good sources?



PLEASE tell me where to get authentic SECHUAN PROVINCE fermented broad bean chili paste sauce that is vital to making properly flavored Sechuan food and no you can't make your own?

Also fresh Sechuan peppers that were grown in China, not in Thailand, that still actually have some FLAVOR in them?

Yes I think the Chinese food culture in Thailand is pretty crappy.

Most U.S. cities are much better, even than Bangkok, and I'm talking the authentic stuff, not the "Westernized" and of Thai Chinese is just as bastardized as Western Chinese.

You've stumped me there. I'm actually a bit surprised that some enterprising TV member doesn't open an ethnic food on-line shop. Not only Chinese, but Indian, British etc. Foods of the world.

Macro has dried Sechuan chillies by the bagful. As you say the taste is probably all gone, and NOBODY ever buys it.

Lamentably the Thai people are some of the most xenophobic eaters I have ever encountered. The rest of us like to at least try almost anything. Twice.

You might try browsing the Bangkok Post food section. They ran a bit about Sechuan food at a 5 star hotel recently.. For myself, I'll wait until it comes down to earth, or go to Chengdu myself.

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I don't regard Chinese food to be great in other countries as you suggest. I guess it depends where you live that reflects the style and taste, the ingredients used etc. It's the same as why doesn't Thai food taste as good in other countries as it does in Thailand? With regard to your Chinese food, in Thailand you will get the Thai version, just like in America or other western countries you get the Western version. If you want the real food you either have to go to the country of origin or ensure that the ingredients used are the original ingredients from that country.

That's wrong. Real Chinese food is available in some major U.S. cities if that's what you're looking for. There are even huge Asian markets filled with authentic ingredients where you can cook your own. SO MUCH better than Thailand, it isn't even funny.

Did you read my post correctly? I said if you want real food you either need to go to that country OR ensure that the ingredients used are the original ingredients from that country. The authentic ingredients you talk of in the Asian markets would have been imported from China/HongKong therefore they are the original ingredients from that country like I mentioned. Secondly, I never said chinese food was better in Thailand (please read again). The truth is that the Chinese you have probably eaten in the west is in fact Cantonese as this is what is normally served. If you have ever been to China and eaten real Chinese, it is totally different from that of western countries and doesn't even reflect what we believe to be. Snake, turtle, duck, walking through the kitchens and choosing the animal of choice etc. I know you can get real Chinese foods in other countries like in the china towns of some countries and major cities, so agree with you as long as they are using the original (authentic) ingredients.

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The restaurant in The Golden Dragon Hotel (opposite The Mall Ngamwongwan) is superb.

Dimsum menu is for breakfast and lunchtime service only. The selection is limited to about 7 or 8 types if I remember correctly, but I didn't mind because they were all excellent.

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I can never understand Posters who ask questions like this - who defines what "real" Chinese food is? "Real" Greek, "real" French??

The OP apparently believes that some old Chinese cook hundreds of years ago wrote down dozens of recipes and decreed that henceforth only food cooked in strict accordance with what he had written was "real" Chinese food.

Food varies throughout the world - even within China - depending on the Chefs ability and the ingredients available to him.

Whether a dish is "real" or not is entirely up to the perception and taste of the eater - simply keep visiting the thousands of restaurants available and settle on one you like - the food there is as much "real" Chinese food as the place you are comparing it to; and the food at the original place was only "real" Chinese food in your perception, the next man through the door may well think differently.


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Soi 17 on the corner at lunchtime for superb duc_k.

For dimsum the hotel on 20.....I forget the name....park or something...to order buffet...yes expensive but good

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