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Business visa from Cambodian embassy in Bangkok or consulate in Sa Kaeo

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Is it worth applying for a business visa (also known as an ordinary or normal visa) from the Cambodian embassy in Bangkok? How much does it cost and can it be applied for in one day? I realize that such visas are available at the border, just thought I could save a little frustration by getting it in advance. How about the consulate in Sa Kaeo (which some websites such as the Cambodian Embassy, Washington DC website suggest is in Sa Kaeo, others such as the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs say it's in Aranyaprathet, who's right?!) I suspect the latter is more likely, since what would the Cambodian Embassy in Washington, all the way on the other side of the planet know about local affairs in this part of the world?

Is it worth applying for a visa at the Sa Kaeo consulate then (rather than Bangkok), or just tough it up and try to pay only US$25 at Poipet for the business visa? Last week I obtained a standard US$20 tourist visa in Poipet - the guy first wanted an extra 100 Baht but it didn't take long for him to budge and my US$20 was accepted no problems.

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no idea about tthe Embassy, never been to it always get when i arrive $25

BUT not all borders issue them.

U can not get an evisa for the Ordianary visa

Good luck

Poipet was no problem at all this time (and although I didn't really expect any, but you never know). Interestingly, no attempt was made this time to ask for more money in excess of the official fee even though I requested an ordinary visa (well technically I was asked for a bit more for not having a photo, but to me that's acceptable because all border guards can request slightly more for this reason as you're supposed to bring a photo for the visa application).

It therefore doesn't seem to be worth bothering with the embassy, especially if you fly in or cross at a busier crossing such as Poipet (or coming from Vietnam, Bavet) but as you say when it comes to remoter borders (although I believe every Thai-Cambodian crossing issues VOA at least for tourist visas) it may be better to err on the side of caution regarding ordinary (normal) visas in case different rules apply to their issuance at smaller less busy crossings compared to the busier ones. Anyway, in my case it worked out well and I am getting an extension of stay with multiple entries as I anticipate numerous numerous crossings that may need to be made in the coming weeks/months for visa runs to process my Thai work visa and for business and personal reasons.

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