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Russian Fugitive Real Estate Developer caught by Pattaya Immigration

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Another property pimp turns out to be on the lamb from home-country criminal charges...surprise surprise. Only buy new houses or condos from Thai developers.

Sorry, that is a totally ridiculous thing to say, who are you to hand out that advice? And property pimp? what is your problem? And no, I am not one.

Just talk to any of these hustlers is all you need to see how pathetic they are. Besides, their services are superfluous...it's not like the west here...just deal directly with sellers, either the developer or owner.

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And property pimp? what is your problem? And no, I am not one.

Anyone who has had any experience with real estate developers and agents here should quickly realise that they are mostly the sort of people who would cheerfully sell their own grandmother for 100THB/100RUB/2GBP/3USD, if anyone would have her.

Most of them bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "incompetent, idle, unqualified, ignorant, money-grabbing scumbags".

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Hang on a minute, 1 Million Russian Rubles are like 910,741.60 THB only, this man is a small fry,

Does not sound right. International arrest warrent for a few bucks

Perhaps once back in Russia more charges might be made. It's not like Russian authorities could interview him as part of any investigation with him out of the country. Further it might have been difficult to get any witness cooperation with him free.

Additional information today reveals other charges:

Thai Police Arrest Russian Suspected of Abduction, Extortion

MOSCOW, February 24 (RIA Novosti) – Police in Thailand have arrested a Russian national living under a fake name, years after he was put on an international wanted list on suspicion of abduction and extortion.

Dmitry Ishmukhametov, who entered Thailand from Malaysia in 2012 with a fake Czech passport showing his name as “Dmitry Lemba,” was arrested in a resort town just south of the city of Pattaya on charges of document fraud, media reports said Monday.

Ishmukhametov is also accused of abducting a businessman in the far-eastern Russian city of Khabarovsk to extort a ransom of 1 million rubles (about $30,000) in 2009.


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