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Racial perceptions influence on acceptable pricing for "ethnic" restaurant food ...

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I am never satisfied. No, I don't think the actual topic has actually been touched as yet.

If there is no interest in it, so be it.

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Seriously, most Thais don't even go to street Stalls unless incredibly poor. The stalls are disease factories & not recommended by the educated Thai. The Stalls are there are mainly for the tourists. Many a restaurants outside of tourist areas have good Thai food & of course stay clear of any Redlight areas for the best quality. Though can see the short lived or short researched here can think food stalls represent the country's base.

You are SO wrong. So many Thais--including middle class Thais--eat a huge number of their meals every week at street stalls, and so go out of their way to eat at specific, well-known street stalls. They're one of the greatest things about Thailand!

Apologies to the OP for encouraging/contributing to this guy's attempts at thread-hijacking, but I just couldn't let that one go... smile.png

yes the bully showed his true face... I know your type, the ones which won't stop quacking until they feel they've won, and though off topic, think it's better to let less informed people make up their own minds by hearing all opinions the members have to offer. I consider my argument closed but DO advise people to consider the lack of ANY sanitary measures taken with food stalls.

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As with so many absolute truisms, it is simply not true that food stalls (all food stalls) have no sanitary measures, nor that they are not patronized by Thais.

In Bangkok I would be happy to show you more than a dozen that are cleaner than many "proper" restaurants and most customers are office staff, mid class if you consider income (although I agree that there is no real class description here).

Sorry to go back on topic (it seems almost wrong), but I think the OP has a good point with his comment. When I was in Europe last Christmas, my nephews insisted in going to a Thai restaurant. The food was excellent - best masaman curry I've had in a very long time - and the price quite reasonable, but I remember I did resent a bit paying for it because it was, understandably, more expensive than it would have been here. I guess some cuisines are traditionally accepted as expensive, like French for example, others are not, without a good reason.

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