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3 Years Multiple Entries Visa of Cambodia

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3 years multiple entries business or tourist visa available for Japanese nowadays. Pretty useful for very frequent visitors like me, as neither VOA nor eVisa is necessary per visit.


Does anyone know

i) if it's obtainable only in Japan or elsewhere such as Bangkok (for Japanese)?

ii) if it's available for other nationalities?

Cambodian Embassy in Bangkok seemingly doesn't have its website.

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AFAIK it is specific to Japanese only and part of a new reciprocal arrangement. See http://www.phnompenhpost.com/business/japan-eases-visa-rules-cambodia

So not for any other nationality. As to whether Japanese can obtain this at a Cambodian embassy/consulate abroad, this I do not know. Could try an email to the Bangkok embassy,

[email protected]

But be forewarned the Camb Embassy in Thailand is usually not much use.

If you can, please post back whatever you find out. Thanaks.

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plus there only allowed stays of 30 days each entry.

- Multiple Entry Visas are only applied for Nationals of Japan (Ordinary Passport Holders) with a period of 30 days for each stay and a term of validity up to three years.

Length of stay permit for T and E visas is for one month starting from the date of entry into Cambodia. Length of stay permit with “Multiple Entries” eligible for Japanese nationals is for a period of 30 days for each stay starting from the date of entry into Cambodia. T visa can be extended for not more than thirty days while E visa can be extended for one month or two months at the Immigration Department located in front of Phnom Penh International Airport. If holders of visa E wish to stay in Cambodia over one year, they must apply for temporary stay at the Ministry of Interior of Cambodia in Phnom Penh.

VISA TYPE SINGLE ENTRY MULTIPLE ENTRIES One Year Two Year Three Year Tourist (T) 2,200 Yen 4,400 Yen 6,600 Yen 8,800 Yen Business (E) 2,700 Yen 5,400 Yen 8,100 Yen 10,800 Yen
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Just to update. Got this 3 year multiple entry biz. visa on my Japanese passport at Embassy in Tokyo. Applied in the morning, and received back in the afternoon of next day. A friend of mine, Japanese, will try the same in Bangkok soon.

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