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Here's One For The Connassoiurs

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Guest endure

Here in the UK Tesco are moving to screwcaps big time. You can buy a bottle of wine with a screw cap in Tesco that's only available with a cork in other supermarkets.

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Hey Lampy, did you buy the Cab Sav or the Merlot?

Personally, I find the Cab Sav a little peppery... whereas the Merlot is much softer on the palate.

Either way... both are quite quaffable and for an import, priced very reasonably.

To address your screw-top question, some 6 months or so ago I went to a wine club night at Royal Cliff, where we had a tasting of Ambrose Wines... also from Australia.

All the bottles were screw-top.

When queried about this development, the winemaker (from Ambrose... but trained in France, Chile and Australia) stated that this will be the preferred method of production in the future.

Me...? I rarely leave an open bottle with any residual nectar in it... so I don't really care.


I must be the most uncouth wine drinker ever... I just get it down me neck as quick as possible, no time to analyse the different flavours.. some of the time I don't really like the taste of that particular bottle of plonk... but it gets the job done..


totster :D

yeah...screw tops are merely a convenience to get the nectar down the gullet without further ado...

any californios out there that remember the 1960s 1/2 and gallon jugs of Red Mountain (rumored to be not wine but alcohol fortified grape juice)?...how many tonnes of dope were smoked with the accompanying unscrewed gallon boddle of Red Mountain passed hand to hand...

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