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Anyone interested in game fishing in Asia?

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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to bring outhere to see if there are some same minded like anglers as I am in Thailand. My fishing buddies/community are local Thai, but was wondering whether there are some similar minded like salty game anglers outthere living in Thailand?

I'm one of those lucky enough to go on 3 to 4 exotic fishing trips/year and some of the places, I frequently visit are; Andaman Islands *(India), Burma Banks *(Myanmar), Alor *(West Timor, Indonesia), Sprattley islands, Luconia Shoals in Borneo, Al Hallaniyah Islands *(South Oman), Socotra (Yemen), Maldives etc...

Usually it put on average 1 to 2 trips/year out to the Andaman Islands *(India) and/or Maldives and are wondering if there are anglers interested in sharing some of the costs for doing so?

I can also help people outthere with recommending charter companies in Asia and/or help arranging your trips in Asia.

Please see attached also the fishing package for Andaman Islands.

Tight Lines!


Fishing Andaman Islands.pdf

Socotra Fishing.pdf

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