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Krabi resort closes doors, police seeking arrest warrant

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Krabi resort fraud case goes nationwide, hundreds file complaints

Phuket Gazette


Fifty tourists were turned away by the resort, even though they had already paid for their rooms. Photo: Kritsada Mueanhawong

PHUKET: -- At least 231 victims have stepped up to file police complaints against the Phu Pranang Resort in Krabi, across Phang Nga Bay from Phuket.

The flood of complaints comes after 50 tourists were turned away by the resort earlier this month. The travellers bought low-cost package tours, but were left stranded after they were refused check-in by resort staff, who said the hotel was overbooked (story here).

After hearing the news, the owner of the resort, Peera Damrongmahasawat, closed its doors to avoid any more bad press and potential financial liability (story here).

“This case is going nationwide. In Krabi alone, we have received complaints from 231 people. This can amount to millions of baht in damages,” Col Witaya Maksai, Krabi Police Investigation chief, told the Phuket Gazette.

“Other victims are filing complaints against the resort through Consumer Protection Police [CPPD] in Bangkok.”

Krabi Police have yet to request a warrant for the arrest of the Phu Pranang Resort’s managing director, Prateep Kaewnont.

“We have yet to receive conclusive information from CCPD about how much the damages amount to, but I believe we will be able to conclude with our investigations and obtain the warrant by the end of the month,” Col Witaya said.

— Chutharat Plerin

Source: http://www.phuketgazette.net/phuket-news/Krabi-resort-fraud-case-goes-nationwide-hundreds/29100#ad-image-0


-- Phuket Gazette 2014-04-10

231. I would assume these are thais who have read the story. I wonder how many farangs who have since left the country were effected also

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I would hardly call it a resort, it looks more like a dingy dirty cheap hotel

It is the "Last Resort"

cheesy.gif I stayed in this place, wife booked the trip. It is the last resort and it smelled like piss because staff don't use the john and piss outside against the building.

They are a booking trap for Thai and foreign tourists. Some amazing shit going on here in the kingdom, one certainly starts realizing this when making a personal experience like this.

After this we went to Koh Lipe and sat with our butts on a beautiful island (2500 baht per night resort) in the middle of rotting garbage, plastic bags, mouldy mattresses in the bushes.

Of course I don't like this but I can oversee and handle this and go on with my life, but for people who payed a handsome $5000+ who come spend their hard deserved holiday from abroad this becomes a different matter.

Isn't it time to get a grip TAT?wai2.gif


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Ah lovely Phuket.....world renowned 1st class tourist destination.

Best check your map. Krabi is a different Province from Phuket

True. I've had people whose opinion I trusted recommend Krabi as a place with absolutely wonderful beaches. Unfortunately, I am not a sun and sand kind of guy.

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One has to guess...how many stars did they reward themselves to go along with the title- Resort?

Terrible place by appearance alone.

Glad to see it's off the market.

Lost in translation perhaps?

Last weekend I was out in the sticks, stayed at a place that called itself a "boutique resort", jesus wept there was nothing even remotely boutique about it. I've seen Backpacker hostels that are in better condition!

I used to have only 2 words to be wary of, Resort and Mansion.

Perhaps I need to add Boutique to that list, and be doubly wary if it is used in combination with one of the other 2.

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