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BANGKOK 23 March 2019 19:24
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Birth Control Pills and Condoms in LOS

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Birth Control Pills: Are sold over the counter in Thailand, no prescription needed. Most formulations of birth control pills are available in Thailand but brand names may different from back home. See this thread, and if you have any specific questions not already answered therein, post to it. http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/99736-birth-control-pills-in-thailand/#entry2422564

Condoms: Sold virtually everywhere, including 7-11’s, but sizing can be an issue. Condoms are a very important public health measure and they need to fit properly or they will not only be difficult to use they will also be more likely to break. The standard Thai condom has a diameter of 49mm, whereas in Western countries the normal size is about 54 mm. Most boxes list the width somewhere in mm, often on the back. Read labels carefully to see what size you are getting as too small may lead to breakage or be hard to get on.

Durex “Comfort” brand has a 56 mm size, it is a dark blue box

There is also a brand called “Body Guard” that comes in 54 and 56 mm. http://www.bodyguardcondoms.com/

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