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Dead boy's family in Phuket 'mob' against Russians

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So, let me get it straight. According to the article, the woman did a U-turn and hit a teenager on a bike. The husband was following her in another car, they saw the kid was dead/dying and they decide

Heartless. Like the Phuket native who went to the funeral of an Aussie who died on his rented motorbike to get his family to pay for the bike as he the owner didn't have any insurance for it?

A 16 Y.O. wandering about at 1.A.M. No Crash Hat.If the Lad was mine id feel some resposibility.Perhaps im just Old Fashioned.RIP.

Typical! Blame someone else. The family should first realise that their son was riding a bike at odd hours of the night without a crash helmet. That in itself is irresponsible and should go down to poor guidance from the parents. Societies acceptance of a lack of helmet does not help either. Yes, the Russians should have made a police report (it did not state if they did), and stayed back to closed up the loose ends of this accident. That is what it was an accident.

Either way, even if they had stayed back the end result would still be the same. A senseless death, why? because of clear disregard for safety.

This is more of the family not having the opportunity to milk money off these Russians for the loss of their child. IMHO.

The way I understand your post the lack of a helmet caused him to be hit, what kind reasoning is this. Yes he may have survived the crash if he had a helmet on but the Russian hit him with a car, duh

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I find the comments about "poor parenting" and "he wore no helmet" to be really at odds with the fact that a car with passengers struck and killed a lad and then left the scene. And in fact there was a second car as well. How callous is that? They left his body there and drove off, probably pissed.

That the Russians did something morally repulsive and should be held accountable is without question. But if he had worn a helmet things would have been much better so some blame also falls on him.

I drive a big bike and a scooter and a car in Thailand, I just feel that if you hit a bike with a car and they have no helmet or license they should be partly to blame as a helmet could have saved his life.

This of course does not excuse the Russians but not wearing a helmet has certainly contributed to the severity of the accident. I find it unfair to car drivers in general if they are being punished extra because someone did not wear a helmet.

I would never ride my bikes without a helmet.

But what these drivers did and fleeing the scene is unforgivable.

You are talking crap. If a car hits you and you are riding in a safe and legal way, the car driver is guilty, not the biker, not 1%. Also you have no idea if a helmet would have helped or not. Unless you were there and saw what happened.

You are talking crap.. without a helmet your not riding legal.

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A 16 Y.O. wandering about at 1.A.M. No Crash Hat.If the Lad was mine id feel some resposibility.Perhaps im just Old Fashioned.RIP.

" Wandering" I thought he was out getting mosquito repellent... His mistake was not wearing the bike helmet ..may have just saved his life.

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Of course the perps must be put to trial.

Horrible to just let the kid die in the street and drive away.

I hope this will haunt them the rest of their lives and that they will be brought to justice !

RIP young man and lots of strength to the family.

Having children myself I can only imagine your pain.

That being said, the comments towards Russians in general in the article, are way out of place.

Like hit and run never happens in Thailand with Thai drivers.

Remember: the Red Bull heir.

A pilar of society, even drags the victim along with his car for another 100 meters, before speeding off.

His friends didn't even have to mention his last name.

A battery of lawyers, judges and other influentials made sure that justice never got a chance.

Are all Thais then all of a sudden sociopathic people without feelings.

No, of course not !

As terrible as this behavior is, it is not a national trait, neither for Thais nor for Russians.

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