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Giant Snakeheads Isaan

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Come to think of it, even tilapia don't seem common enough in the wild.

That's just because Tilapia are from Africa.



Certainly doesn't mean that's the only place you find them DerkMR.

Some research might be in order before you make such an "off the

cuff" and "all knowing" statement wink.png.pagespeed.ce.HJgPQ3U3SA.png

As a biologist I might have to explain to you how introduced species spread, and this is they don't cover all natural waters within only 20 or 30 years.

So plainly simple as they are non-native you can't find them anywhere.

The all knowing Derk

In Petchabun there is a government hatchery that routinely stock all public lakes and some rivers with a variety of fish including nile tilapia. I have caught them in the wild. I believe the infrequent catches are due more to the over fishing of the species. Tilapia are fairly easy to catch in a gillnet and nothing gets released. I supposed they may also be more susceptible to predation of the finned variety

For the snakehead and chado, go to utube and search for fishing in Thailand and see how they do it. Much will be in thai but you can easily see the lures and methods.

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