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Please Help Me Identify Two Sauces Used in Fuji Restaurant

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With many of the dishes served in Fuji as a "set" with rice etc you will often get a thick sweet sauce. It is a sort of dark brownish hint of purplish color.

Then there is another sauce that many Thais will request that is not on the table itself but the waitress brings it over and fills up a tiny saucer plate that Thais will then add wasabi too and use a dipping sauce for their sushi (as I understand it in Japan this is a no-no (mixing wasabi into the dipping sauce)... I would like to also know what that sauce is.

Hopefully my descriptions are apt. Thanks.

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Soy sauce (醤油) is the brown, salty liquid used as a dipping sauce of sorts for sushi. It is in fact commonly used in many countries, and in the context of sushi, it is the primary condiment which provides the salty component used with sashimi and with many varieties of sushi. For sushi, used mainly is the thinner, lighter varieties of Japanese soy sauce. Heavy, dark, strong or flavored soy sauces are discouraged because they alter or overpower the subtle flavors of the fish or sushi roll ingredients.

... Sushi website

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I have had Tonkusu sauce in Fuji sets too.

Pretty sure that should be tonkatsu sauce (derived from English Worcestershire sauce, but thicker and sweeter). Served with tonkatsu (fried breaded pork).

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So is it a particular kind of soy sauce? Or just japanese soy sauce? Brand recommendations?

And yes, I believe the other sauce is tonkatsu sauce. Thanks. The Japanese tonkatsu sauces are less sweet than the Thai version and heavier on the Worcestershire flavorings.... I think I like the Thai atrocity better, :)

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