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Jonathan Fairfield

A Green Proposal For Garbage In Hua Hin

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A Green Proposal For Garbage In Hua Hin


Hua Hin:-- A presentation from a private German Company has been made to the Hua Hin Municipality abut a high technology innovation to solve the problems of large garbage piles in the Thab Tai Community.
This innovation is environmental friendly as it provides household electricity from garbage. A Board Member from S.M.C. Power Public Company Limited Mr. Silpchai Chaisitthiwet, an advisor to the company Mr. Kraisak Chunhawan and technical engineers met with the mayor of Hua Hin Mr. Nopporn Wutthikul and the deputy mayor Mr. Montree Chuphu for discussions.
Hua Hin’s mayor is concerned about garbage issues and the resultant damage to the environment and is interested in this new way to solve the problem. There is 120 – 150 tons of garbage dumped in Thab Tab daily.
This garbage could become a raw material for household energy. Mr. Silpchai said that the innovation was created in Germany and was accepted by many countries. In Turkey 2,000 tons of garbage is turned into electricity every day. To make use of this technology, a small electricity generating plant must be built near to the garbage dumping area. Another plant grinds the garbage roughly until pieces become about 300 millimetres in size.
This is dried and screened so that metals, stones and glass are recycled but other materials are crushed into smaller pieces so that they can be used to generate electricity. Garbage in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket is currently burnt or buried every day and damaging the environment. If the Turkish model is adopted, Thailand could become the second country to use this environmentally friendly way to deal with the problem. Hua Hin could become a model for administrators in other Thai Provinces.
If the Hua Hin Municipality accepts the proposed project, S.M.C. Power will build an electricity generating plant and a garbage screening plant on a 30-Rai land in Thab Tai. All expenses (about one billion THB) would be met by the company. The Municipality would allow the company and its staff to work in the area for 25 years. Mr. Nopporn said that this was a good idea because the Municipality did not have any financial or other commitment to the company.
He will propose the project to the Hua Hin Municipal Council for further consideration. If accepted, the Municipality will inform the company without delay as the construction of the electricity generating and the garbage screening plants takes at least one and a half years.
-- Hua Hin Today 2015-05-03

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