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Local Gems - Hotels For Lanta And Krabi

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A few of us have decided to take our girls around to Lanta (from Phuket) for a couple of nights and then stop at Krabi for one or two on the way back round..

I hear Lanta is really chilled and super quiet and as its low season I am guessing it will be dead but its more a couple days romance and relax than looking to party.. Of course having something to do of an evening and a beach bar or two to drink at would help. That especially applies to the return in Krabi as after a couple of nights of total quiet a bar will be high on the list.

I have heard that the northern end of the island and the beach at the northern west tip (Khlong Dao) is the only area with anything night time / bar like there ?? Also that this is the best developed (and most expensive) hotels and as you go south the places to stay get cheaper and more basic ??

As I am thinking only 2 or three nights (and its uber low season) I am not especially price sensitive.. I would like to find something a bit special for those nights, nice teak, perhaps a suite, and a bit of beachfront space.. Any suggestions ?? I would probably start to baulk at >2500 per night at this time of year (of course cheaper is better but its only going to be a couple of nights) but am looking at the 3 day package (9900b) at Layana resort as that does look a bit special online...

Also I hear theres a 1 sq km coral that can be visited (thats on the list) anything else that shouldnt be missed on Lanta ?? Will have jeep and be doing the usual exploring etc..

Then hotel reccomendation for Krabi either Railey or Ao Nang.. Guessing Ao Nang better for a few bars and a bevy.. Again anything beyond basic lazing, beach, canoe type stuff thats unmissable in Krabi ?? Any hotel within walking distance to the bar area thats also nice rooms ?? Last time I went to Krabi I was surprised at the high room rates for not very special but I guess thats often the way when your looking and evening is falling.

Just some local info really.. Clues on what is really worth it..

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hello,i stayed in ko lanta for awile maybe 2 years ago so i dont have any upto date info.

i remember staying for a week at the beach at the very south western tip of ko lanta,as far as the road went.i stayed in a very basic beach hut (cheap cheap) down by the sea,but they had fairly upmarket accomodation down there aswell.lovely beach ,& most of the accomodation was sort of overlooking the sea,on a steep hill.they had a beach bar,& accomodation there called, the last resort.

really chilled out place for a drink,but maybe its all built up now.

when you get off the boat at ko lanta,it looks a bit grim & nothing special,but you feel better when you walk to the beach on that west coast.

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We are looking to relax but we are all probably more bar and nightlife people than content to just laze on the beach sun worshipers and I have been told in that case to stick to the northern end for bars that will be active at this time of year..

I will of course be checking out the southern end as I hear the snorkeling etc is best down that way..

We only have a couple of days.. More a long weekend break..

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