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Final crackdown for border runners - New strict Immigration regulation in force from today

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I don't know what to make of this phrase in the statement from Immigration:

"บุคคลสัญชาติเป้าหมาย เช่น เกาหลี ฯลฯ มีดังนี้"

"individuals of target nationalities such as Korean, etc."

Seems odd that they would name Koreans in particular. What are we to make of "etc"? Who's like a Korean, in their eyes? Is there a list of affected nationalities, or has someone verified that this indeed applies to everyone with tourist visas? To me, that bit "such as Korean, etc." badly muddies the water.

Other than that, the statement seems clear enough. They're planning to turn people back at the borders.

I think it is an example for people from countries that have bilateral agreements with Thailand. Koreans get 90 day entries because of it.

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One would hope that those who are studying or working here are doing so on the appropriate visa.

They are. But visas run out, people change jobs, change schools, move to different parts of the country, etc. It affects people who are between visas. Many do border runs for a couple months, while waiting for new paperwork.

Well go and get a 60 day tourist visa then if you plan to stay whilst waiting on paperwork. you can extend that whilst in country if you need more time. not rocket science is it.

I'm not saying it's impossible. But it an added expense and a lot of wasted time for someone that just wanted to do it a couple times while waiting for paperwork. It is a big hassle for a lot of legit tourists too.

Which is why I hope this crackdown will fade away soon, and they will just limited to people who are doing this long term. They should be able to tell the difference between someone living here for years, and someone who does it a few times.

A legit tourist would have planned their stay and will have a visa to cover their stay.

In my opinion I think Thailand should completely get rid off the visa exempt arrival and force everyone that wants to visit go and get a visa.

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" From today, foreign nationals residing in Thailand will no longer be able to exit and then re-enter the kingdom via a land border crossing in order to gain another 30 or 15 day stay in Thailand"wink.png

Wait for reports of other border crossing come in. Need to see what happens with Lao, Cambodia and Malaysia.sad.png

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as asked before: are people who "stranded" in myanmar allowed to get to an embassy (supposedly in myanmar/rangoon) without having a myanmar visa ? or do they get issued (temporary) voa in tachileik/kawthoung/wherever they are stranded? not allowing people back in in thailand is one thing, people illegally in burma is another thing....

ps. flying from tachileik to yangon is not cheap (130$) and travelling overland will not be permitted.

I have seen nothing to confirm anybody is stranded in Myanmar. They stopped people from crossing when the border opened this morning.

They have given 7 day entries to people that were over the old 4 entry rule at Mae Sai.

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But fly out and fly in in 2 days won't be affected?

So fly in and out every 30 days won't be affected?

It will be effected in August 2014.


It seems that as of 12 August border runs by air will also no longer be allowed.

I agree that this is an accurate translation of the second point in the memo in Thai from Immigration. It also says people coming in by air will be told to apply for the proper visa until 12 August, then denied just like at the land borders.

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If you go in and out of Thailand every month for say a period of a year - the only purpose being to get 30 days at the border, then I am sorry but you are not a tourist.

Go and fill out all the reams and reams of paperwork and jump through all the hoops like the rest of us had to be able to say here legally long term.

You're joking?

You think those reams and reams of paperwork are more of a PIA than spending a day every month white knuckled in a mini-van hurtling down the highway with bald tires and paying 2000-3000 for the privilege?

There are many "accidental" tourists in LOS who came here for a short time and decided to stay on a bit longer. They saw the well-publicized advertisements and spoke to other travelers and thought this was an acceptable method to extend their stay.

Now they have learned differently and I would gander most will be happy with the actual Visa and will gladly jump through those exhausting hoops with joy compared to the border runs.

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