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'Stray rocket' obliterates Yasothon house

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'Stray Rocket' Obliterates Yasothon House
By Khaosod English

Damage from a Bang Fai rocket that crashed into a Yasothon house, 12 May 2014.

YASOTHON — A residence in Yasothon province has been severely damaged by a stray rocket that was launched during a nearby traditional rain-seeking ceremony.

More than 10 missiles, called Bang Fai, were launched in the ceremony in accordance with the folk belief that rockets must be fired into the sky to request rain from the Gods for each year’s rainy season.

One of the four metre long rocks landed on a residence in Moo 1 of Ban Kwang village, approximately three kilometres away from its launch site at Phaya Thaan Park in Meang district.

The missile slammed into the side of the house, creating a 50-metre long hole in the concrete wall and damaging a number of furniture pieces inside.

The owner of the house, Somboon Proptrai, 54, said no one was at home at the time of the incident. She said she was visiting a neighbor when the missile struck, and ran back to her residence as soon as she heard the news. No one was injured by the missile, she added.

"Fortunately no fire was started inside my house," Ms. Somboon said.

The ceremony was halted when Ms. Somboon informed its organisers about the crash. A total of 30 traditional rockets were supposed to be launched today.

Officials at Yasothon District Office, which organised the ceremony, said an insurance company will compensate Ms. Somboon for the damages. The incident is under investigation, officials said.

The launching of Bang Fai rockets have led to several injuries and fatalities in the past.

Source: http://en.khaosod.co.th/detail.php?newsid=1399889365

-- Khaosod English 2014-05-12

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Looks like they missed the memo from Sisa-ket about safety and gambling during Bung-Fai.

This happens every few years or so, one year mango tree in front of the governor's office was the target of a stay rocket.

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"creating a 50-metre long hole in the concrete wall"

Wow ! Big house ! Sure hope the Talibanners over here don't change over from the 105mm Chinese rockets they keep firing at our camp. It sounds like those Thai "Bang Fai" rockets are far more accurate and devastating !

We had a 105mm rocket explode in the cab of one of our work trucks one night, pretty much totaled it as you can imagine, but think what could have been if a rocket that can make a 50 meter long hole in a concrete wall had of hit it !

(Unless of course the news article meant to say a ".5" meter long hole in the wall, in which case never mind.)

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This rain-making ceremony (firing rockets into the sky to please the gods) was organised by Officials at Yasothon District Office. Officials, not candle-munching brahmins. And, the launching of Bang Fai rockets has led to several injuries and fatalities in the past. Common sense? Critical thinking?

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I read the article which reported 50 centimetres -- I never saw a house around Yasothon 50 METRES long and I was there on Tuesday & Wednesday watching them build the things (photos tomorrow if I remember).

I first saw this "Festival " 13 years ago and it was frenetic. The launchers never know where the rockets will inevitably land and I guess (true to form) nobody really cares as long as everyone gets drunk & has a good time.

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Dang...getting to where you can not even fire rockets into peoples houses...without someone complaining...don't they know the rain god is now angry...

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