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Fishing Tackle in Thailand


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In Chiang Rai at Doi Hang Fishing Park, saloon and grill we have a reasonable amount of gear. We are planning to expand what we have.

For sure you need the bait runner to handle the big ones.

bait runners have been about for years in the uk for carp fishing, chuck out and wait,

but i wouldnt say you needed them!

ive been a carp fisherman for years, and do have bait runners, but you can also buy a good sound large capacity reel and just slacken the front or rear clutch,

give you the same result, only plus with baitrunner is that when you pick the rod up and wind is disengages the baitrunner,

if you slacken the clutch you would have to re set it,

i brought all my carp and course fly gear with me, and if im ever on a job in the uk i bring tackle back with me, split shot PVA bags ect

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We use the bait runner reels mostly in Bo Saeng, Chiang Rai fishing for the big fish. As you do not want to hold on the the rod all day the breaking system allows you to lay it down so when the fish hits you can grab the rod and set the hook. The record for this lake is 65 kg. I have caught one of the Mekong catfish that weighed 25 kg. Last year 3 of us fished for 3 days there and landed 984 kg. You have to release the fish. At my age this about did me in. Since then we just fish for 2 days per trip.

The water is too cold for productive fishing now and we have to wait until about the first of March before it starts up again. I can hardly get them to eat fish food.

At our fishing park in Chiang Rai the lakes are full of rods and reels. The Thais lay their rods down and a big pla suwai hits the bait and puts into orbit. Can't wait until I drain the next time to open a second hand tackle store.

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A lot of things are advertised on Thai web sites but when you order they never seem to have it.

Fishing in Chiang Mai is very unique and you will need gear like the Bait Runner to properly fish. This is because of the unique locking drag that it has. Good raided line is hard to find.

Don, with due respect you are making a rather sweeping statement for someone who is relatively new to bait runner reels and Bo Sang fishing lake. A bait runner type reel is not an essential piece of kit for Bo Sang, or indeed anywhere else. However, it is certainly useful in some situations.

I have fished Bo Sang on numerous occasions and have never used a bait runner reel. Neither, have I had my rod and reel pulled into the lake by a fish. You, using your bait runner reel can’t claim the same as I recall. And you are not alone. These reels need to be set at the correct tension for this not to happen.

Let me further enlighten you, the term bait-runner was first used by Shimano in 1987 so they have been around in the UK and Europe for a very long time and strictly speaking it is a Shimano brand name. These types of reels are in effect, free runner reels, and the technology was developed by Shimano. Basically the free runner facility is a second clutch allowing the user to set the reel in free spool with adjustable drag pressure depending on what you are using it for. Moving the winder handle or knocking the set lever off puts the reel back into gear.

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