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Any Good Bars In Khon Khen

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:D Hi anyone know of any good bars in Khon Khen, will be visiting in the next couple of months and want to get a feel of where to go at night. I have visited the town on a few occasions but have not as yet had a night out on the town. My Thia lives about 10 clicks out of town so I guess i will have one of the relatives with us to help us home. :o
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hey Londonguy,

There are many good bars in Khon Kaen. Look around the neighbourhood of Sofitel and visit some Expat owned bars like Eric's bar or No1 Bar. Also in this area you will find some nice discotheques like the Zolid, Up2U...you will find them on the way you are walking there in the night (they close at 2.00 am though).

Around 20.00 hrs it is nice to eat around the lake Bung Kaen Nakhon. Visit the Good View Bar (Life music and food...the food is not alive I hope hehe).

Khon Kaen has its own website: www.khonkaen.com

Enjoy your stay in this friendly city !


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don't expect to find a city like Pattaya (for example)...

if you are looking for working girls...go to another city...don't travel the long way to Khon Kaen or you will be disappointed...

But on the other side...do you need a prostitute to have a good time ? If you got the looks and you can talk the right way...who need to pay money for some fun in the hotelroom ?


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If you want to know about Issarn stuff go to this site KhonKaen

The site is based around KK but has regular input from surrounding areas.

There are sections on bars, travel, hotel accomodation and much much more. You can organise meeting a few locals for a beer and they will wise you up on the best spots for after dark play. :o

PaulB has the #1 bar and he has lived in KK for a long while so he knows the ropes, he can organise rental cars and heaps of other stuff.

I have a house about 10 k out of town also, in Banpaed, are you close?

We will be back in june. :D

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