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single entry Non-O visiting family visa run - Penang

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dont need foregein bank statement a thai bankbook showing funds is fine.

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The people that I know that use vans use the booth that is in the first main block of outlets on the left as you come through the Thai border from the Malaysian side. It has several trip / tour posters around so you can't miss it really. Can't be more specific than that.

As to times, I can't help much as I drive. Dannok > Hat Yai quite frequent. At least hourly AFAIK. Dannok > Penang less frequent. 4 times per day. Around 8-9, 12, 2 and 4 (ish). Next time I'm there, if I have time, I'll try to get some details of Penang times. It'd take too long to get and list the Hat Yai times.


Thank you sir. This is what I didn't know at the time. That there are Sadao/Dannok border >> Penang minibus terminal right before the border on Thai side (I'm assuming there is a 7-11 nearby). I might have avoid the multi-legged fiasco on the Malay border side to get to Penang. Hindsight is 20/20.

I wonder why there is nothing similar on Malay side. Oh well.

Welcome. I think the reason for the lack of operators on the Malay side is insufficient trade to justify it. Nobody from the Malay side would need the services to get to Dannok and the 'in-country' van services are well known to Malaysian visitors such that they wouldn't need one from the Malay side (that close to the border) to get to, say, Hat Yai. With van / coach operators in many of the Malaysian towns / cities that would class Thailand as drivable to, anyone going to Thailand will book from there.

As for going to Penang from Dannok / Hat Yai, the operators there have that journey sewn up really so again, little trade on the Malaysian side. It's also much easier to start your journey from the Thai side in the van as you have the drop-off / pick-up at the immigration checkpoints without the hassle of getting between them and then wandering around the Malaysian side trying to figure how to get to Penang/KL.

Unless it was a last resort, or if maybe I wanted a slow lumbering trundle across the countryside, I'd never use the train, too slow and infrequent. But of course all this is much easier if you are using that border often and as a result know all the various transport options. As an aside, if going to / coming from Phuket (Krabi / Trang) there is also a very good VIP coach service that goes from Dannok 3 times a day for 430 baht plus of courses coaches to just about anywhere from Hat Yai.

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