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I would like to have a pig roast for my birthday in July . I just don't know how to do it . Where I come from there is a roaster on wheels that is attached to a truck . Slow roasting all the way as it takes a long time to cook . Thats about all I know . What kind of spices should I put on ? How long to cook at what temp. ? ect .

Now I throw in the fact that I will attempt this in Thailand . It just might be different .

Any tips out there ?


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Are you talking whole pig or a suckling pig?

As for cooking time, well it really depends on how well you can regulate the heat. You must be careful not to have the heat too high as the pig can burn on the outside and still be raw on the inside. You are talking about a big piece of meat here!! If you're worried about the time it takes, just start your party earlier.

The 'slow and low' rule is often best to use here (as it is with an ordinary Pork roast) and with a slow roast you have plenty of time to sink a few beers as well. Pork is always nice and fatty and if you keep the heat fairly low the meat will not dry out.

Stuff the pig with mixture of breadcrumbs, butter, cracked black pepper, salt, crushed garlic, onion, and sage if you can find it.

Rub the skin with plenty of oil, pepper and salt and leave for at least an hour before cooking.

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Thanks professor . Im talking a whole pig . Alot of people going to the luau ( hawaiian ) type pig .

I think I will need a special cooker for this or maybe make one if I can . I don't want to dig up my front lawn tho .

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Thanks for the replies everyone .

The " cuban " style seems to be the easiest and that still seems like a pain in the butt .

The other one , well I can't see my Thai family staying up all night and taking care of the pig . Actually that thought scares me .

Donz , how did you get your head to turn around all the way like that ? :o

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