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Gun-toting Aussie tourist nabbed with crystal meth in Phuket

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Just another bag of $hit excuse for a human. 20+ in the slammer for him.

Must be a mistake though...how could he be Australian with a name like that? Must be European.

That's a joke. I wonder if the gf dropped him in? BiB get a conviction, gf gets the cash stash, and everybody's happy except the yob.

The pic in chooka's post is not of the ugly Australian with the gun.

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Just one of the respectable retirees supplementing their pension with a small business, nothing to see here. Unless *gasp* he was abusing visa-exempt rules.

530mg is 0.53gm

Really small business that.

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This guy is a everything an Aussie Yob and a Bogan represents.... sadly there plenty

more where this fine specimen comes from....

Unfortunately you're right.

If I was in power I'd cull them.

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