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Gun-toting Aussie tourist nabbed with crystal meth in Phuket

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His facebook page is revealing. He is multi-tasking by giving Australia and Thailand a bad name at the same time. This is on the Sydney Morning Herald website as well.

Nice work you narcissistic idiot.

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seems to be in good shape for being 53..

I thought he looks more like 60.

0.5 g of ice and a little gun - call interpol !

News must be scarce to post this story.

If he knows anyone, he could have got off with 5.000 bhat or so 'fine', now it will be a bit like 50k.

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Gun in the photo with him behind bars looks like the gas-powered BB.

I was wondering about his lovely' Baby' girlfriend--Police get a tip-off and Madame arrives after the event--can't blame the girl if she wanted to be rid of this guy, though.

His 'smiling' for the camera while being charged in the Police Station--makes me think that he's 'One round short of a Magazine'-- Australia did well to export him.

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Just one of the respectable retirees supplementing their pension with a small business, nothing to see here. Unless *gasp* he was abusing visa-exempt rules.

530mg is 0.53gm

Really small business that.

Doubt it's for distribution, but some meth for personal use and a firearm = not a guy who just stopped by to see the temples.

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Lock him up - throw away the key so that other criminals may learn - hopefully.

But, in the eyes of some, that action may not be considered "democratic"!

And, crime always pays - otherwise there would be no authorities whose job it is to deal with crime. Can you imagine all those people out of work?

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