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Jai Dee

Bangkok And Seoul Signed as Sibling Cities

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BMA and Seoul Metropolitan Government signed to tighten relations as Sibling Cities

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and the Seoul Metropolitan Government have signed to tighten relations as "sibling" cities, in order to exchange information and experience among one another.

The two city administrations will exchange collaboration, experience and data on a basis of equality and mutual benefits that will contribute to management of the two cities' economies, cultures, environments, education, city planning, disaster management and investment.

Seoul is the capital of the Republic of Korea. It covers 600 square kilometers, or about 1/3 of Bangkok's area. However, it contains a population of 10 million people. In the past Seoul faced similar city administration problems currently faced by Bangkok and other major cities around the world. Nevertheless, it has been able to fix various problems through joint collaboration from the state, private, and public sectors.

Seoul stands out in regards to its city and environment administrations. The city has also had successes in many fields, which may be adjusted for use in developing Bangkok.

This is especially true in the fields of technology, such as the e-government project that utilized information networks to handle the Seoul's data and services, and consequently enabled it to be ranked among the best-managed cities in the world.

Source: Thai National News Bureau Public Relations Department - 17 June 2006

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