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73 taxi drivers arrested in Phuket anti-mafia drive

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“From now on, the police will not let this happen. No police officer will be transferred and anyone who blocks roads will be prosecuted,” he said.

It's about freaking time.

“Our problem is the local authorities are not strong enough to enforce the law seriously.”

Hard to believe they actually admit this in a press release. Perhaps there is hope.

One of the major advantages of a military coup which gives complete authority and dictatorial powers to the Army chief --

​he does not have to pussy-foot, placate, or pretend. He is able to make decisions, take decisive, ​corrective measures and

not be overly concerned with who may not like it. What other government leader is able to operate so effectively?

​Years ago, a very wise man once told me, "The best possible form of government is a benevolent dictatorship."

I very much agree, but with one caveat: If the dictator dies or stops being benevolent, what happens then?

How does Singapore do it? The people of Singapore seem to be content in general, every country has it ways to work things out.

Seems like Thailand is on the right track.

What a relieve and refreshment at this moment, if this follows through Thailand will regain its image it lost many years ago.

Way to go wai.gif

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Indeed this is good news. Any clampdown on that load of vermin is good for Phuket in the long run.

Great move on the Armies part!!!

double thumbs up,

just hope they don't allow it to slide back

Big $$ at stack

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Motor Bike Taxi , from Phuket Bus terminal to Patong ..

" Ohhhh , much more long way than I'm thinking ..Which way I go "?

Sure Mate , give you 10 barht and take me to the bus stop . Often often inconvenient to aviod these guys , but the whole system id flawed on the Island , Tuk Tuk , motor bike , registered Taxi , unregistered taxi , so this really is just scaping the surface .

Still at least its a Start , but this would take some massive changes to Clean up .

I must say the " Rip Off ..least " to get to Golf , where the unregistered guys with a 1/2 decent car , but still Crazy fee .

Next time in Phuket , will still follow the " avoidance " rule .

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Fantastic news! Thailand is moving in the right direction after the coup.

But what will happen next to the criminal taxi drivers? Just a 1000 bht fine or will the go to jail and lose their cars? String and harsh punishment needs to be meted out.

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How many crackdowns have we had??? how long do they last???

You generate negative vibes, be positive man.

Let's see how far they go, I have Some hope

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