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Retirement in Krabi.

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Necessity is the Mother of Invention. Must be a few thousand Thais very happy there on under 35K P.M and a family to feed.

Some Thai families manage to survive on 6000 bht or less per month, if a family has 15,000 per month they consider themselves fairly well off. While the Hi-So's will think nothing of spending millions in just a couple of months. Why do you think it's in the interest of the ruling class to keep the majority of the population uneducated and not to query the system.

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Actually it comes out at £167.32 a week which at today's rates pans out at just under the 40,000baht per month. Can additional savings be added to tot it up?

"YES" and it must be provable savings, not sure if the savings have to be parked in a Thai bank or not.

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That's an interesting question, does anybody know if it's alright to have the money in a UK bank account?

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