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I will be calling different schools and asking about their classes. I will also ask to sit in. It would be helpful if I didn't have to go to every school in the BKK area. If you could share your experiences, that would be helpful.

About what I'm looking for: I don't want to pay too much but I don't want to attend a bad school that is cheap. I don't believe the more you pay the more you get. I'm looking for a school where following the classes, doing the exercises, 100% attendance and having a hard-working attitude will give me results. Learning by rote works. Western people come up with "new methods" of language learning every day. I don't believe in them, I think it's just a marketing hoax. I would never attend a school where the teachers don't dress properly. I read that in Wales the teachers wear "tracksuit bottoms with business shirts". A work is not a place of leisure. Speaks of unserious attitude and unserious business.

Please advice me on the schools you know to be good. Thank you.

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