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Shrimp paste

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Hi Guys,

I've had some good success on fermented baits. Apparently the process creates butyric acid which smells a lot like vomit smile.png

There's actually a fermented shrimp paste you can get which seems popular in Malaysian cooking, called Belachan. I know Shrimp paste is popular in Thai cooking (my wife uses it all the time).

This particular incarnation is a solid block, almost like a soft cake. I've used jars of shrimp paste which is like pate rather than the belachan stuff.

Normally I'd need to prep my bait for 2 to 3 days to get any fermentation but this Belachan will come straight out of the pack ready to go. I'm going to see if I can get some at my local Asian super market rather than the bait companies as it's probably cheaper.

So I'm wondering if anyone has seen the solid blocks of paste used in Thailand and if they know the Thai name?

Let's see how effective this stuff is!


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