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Mandarin / Japanese classes in Bangkok / Nontaburi ?

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I don't want to study Thai as I speak it to a certain extent already. I would rather try Mandarin or Japanese language as they interest me. Can anyone recommend a school in Bangkok or Nontaburi where I could study either of these languages that would also offer of course an ed visa please ?

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Hi Tingtongteesood and Food traveler,


I'm looking myself as well. Now I found a school with a good reputation and in the Asoke area: http://www.piammitrschool.com/c_chinese.html

Their fee is fair and they apply the ED visa for you: http://www.piammitrschool.com/ed_visa.html


Only problem is that they don't have a class at the moment, so the only option is private tutor (expensive!)  At the moment me and another student are 

interested in classes, they would need around 4 students to start a class. If you are interested in joining a class with us please let me know.


Contact information edited out, please use the PM function. 

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you can look up for 泰國中華語文中心, thai chinese language center. it is an affiliated programme of Thai Tiong Hua Association. Most of their teachers are from Taiwan and so does d materials.


However, I dont know which language they ll use to conduct d class though

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