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Rogue Russian nabbed for massive Phuket property fraud

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Rogue Russian nabbed for massive property fraud
Eakkapop Thongtub

Antochili with his captors.

PHUKET: -- Immigration police in Bangkok yesterday (June 29) arrested a Russian national suspected of cheating investors out of more than B20 million in Phuket property deals more than two years ago.

Acting on a warrant issued by Phuket Provincial Court in September, 2011, police arrested Vladimir Antochili, 29, at an apartment on Soi Ramkhamhaeng in the Hua Mak area of Bangkok at 2.30pm.

Antochili, a resident of Sweden, is accused of being part of a gang of Russians who misappropriated funds intended for property purchases in Phuket after setting up a supposed real estate agency targeting wealthy Russian investors.

The hunt for Antochili and his accomplices was launched after the owner of a property for sale in Chalong reported to police that a buyer had paid money to the gang, but he, the seller, had received nothing.

Investigations revealed that the gang had received three payments of around B3 million each, as well as commission from the seller, together totalling some B10.5 million.

The gang members are also accused of fraud in another, similar, property deal worth Bt12 million.

After his arrest, Antochili was sent under escort to Phuket, where he is now in custody at Chalong Police Station. The other gang members reportedly left Thailand some time ago.

Source: http://www.thephuketnews.com/rogue-russian-nabbed-for-massive-property-fraud-47123.php

-- Phuket News 2014-06-30

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uhm... He's not Russian, it sounds like a Chilean name.

In this day and age it is virtually impossible to go by a person's name to determine nationality.

Many TV'ers have wrongly thought I'm Welsh (then accused me of not speaking native English), simply by my name.

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<script type='text/javascript'>window.mod_pagespeed_start = Number(new Date());</script>

Why no pointing???

I miss the pointing too, why did they stop pointing, best entertainment ever to see a bunch of BIB's pointing at the perpetrator. BIB: "here he is, we caught him, aren't we clever?" :-)

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