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Rogue Russian nabbed for massive Phuket property fraud

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".and yet another reason to dislike russians" Isn't it nice when we find support for our prejuices? You are painting with too broad a brush, my dear xenophobic friend. I taught at black high school (I am white). I told them "Don't hate me because I'm white: that is too lazy. Take the time to find something about me personally to hate." Mod that a bit for Russians.

That said, any investigation into just who gave him protection for last two years or so? Shouldn't those who looked other way face some music too?

Until recently I think the cops were more interested in making money anyway they could as opposed to enforcing the law, and the government who was in control for the last 3 years seemed to be interested in making money anyway it could as opposed to governing the country. Put two and two together and you may have your answer.

Years ago in New York City they found a correlation between not enforcing minor crimes and a uptick in major crimes.

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uhm... He's not Russian, it sounds like a Chilean name.

Does it matter how his name sounds like? And because of that you know for sure he is not Russian? Maybe he have a fake passport to Sherlock!

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Why no pointing???

We are playing a guessing game!

But well done, I despise these types of fraudsters, they rob older people of their dreams and futures.

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I am trying (not really) to work out why it took the BIB and or Immigration 2 years to locate a redheaded Russian in Phuket. No,,do not tell mecorruptionnever!!

because he was in Bangkok..If it was corruption then I dont think they would have him in custody now.

The police do their job and you still call them corrupt. There are some police that are good.

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Job well done, there are too many scumbag Russians, that are mafia, here in Thailand, time to rid them all once and for all clap2.gif

Ban them and stop giving them visa-facilities...NOW!

Now this is only a theory of mine, but recently Thailand have started getting stricter on 'certain' visa's, well Russia was recently a member of the G8, until they were kicked out over the Crimea crisis in Ukraine, so now all citizen's of members of the G7 countries (UK, USA, Canada, France, Italy, Germany & Japan) are having no problems regarding Visa's, but now Russian citizens are, hmmm food for thought, I'm just wondering if Thailand is using the fact that because Russia was kicked out of the G8 it gives them 'an excuse' to give Russians a hard time, or better still sending them home

No, Thailand disliked thew Russians way before the G& did.

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I dont care what nationality he is , i hate scammers and this country seems full of them its great to see he has been caught well done . If only they could catch the many others .floating around Phuket and Pattaya.

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It's not only the Russians that scam property from people. There is a Thai woman who moved from Pattaya to Cha Am who scammed 2.9 million baht from me. But all I keep hearing is "It will take many years in court, and a lot of money to get any kind of justice". 3 years to move in on a Russian. How long do you think it will take for the police to move in on a Thai?

If anyone knows this woman, and has been scammed by her, please let me know.

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I can bet that this guy is a victim the same as these russian who paid the money.

Maybe he just worked as employer in real estate agency, where bosses took all the money and he got just salary. After they left Thailand, he stayed without knowing what happen. So for all these who wrote these bad comments, think please also in opposite way.

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